RPTV’s Fifteen Minutes of Fame with Rod Jetton

If you’ve read former Missouri House Speaker Rod Jetton’s stunningly candid pieces on his rise, scandal and renewal, you probably have a lot of questions that his post raised.

(If you haven’t, here are links to Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.  And don’t miss Jeff Smith’s piece on their unlikely friendship, or their  video Great Debate  (hilarity alert!))

So did the RP.  Here, he interviews Rod Jetton for the RPTV feature, “Fifteen Minutes of Fame.”  Rod elaborates on many of the themes in his column, and talks from the heart about the nature of public services in today’s era.  Enjoy:

RPTV: Fifteen Minutes of Fame with Evan Bayh

Our newest contributing recovering politician was a Secretary of State, two-term Governor, two-term Senator, and on the short-list of potential Vice Presidential nominees three times.  So Evan Bayh needs little introduction.  Suffice it to say that the centrist Democrat is one of the most well-known and well-respected recovering politicians in the country.

In this week’s edition of RPTV’s Fifteen Minutes of Fame, Bayh shares his thoughts about political retirement, the virtue of public service, and the fiscal course our nation faces.  Enjoy this interview as the RP welcomes Bayh to The Recovering Politician:

RPTV: Fifteen Minutes of Fame with Mark McKinnon

We’re pleased to share with you our latest installment of RPTV’s Fifteen Minutes of Fame.

Today’s guest is Mark McKinnon, a nationally-respected political consultant, with clients from both sides of the political aisle.  His most famous was former President George W. Bush; McKinnon ran his campaigns at both the state and national level.

Today, in addition to his consulting business and writing for the Daily Beast, McKinnon is the co-founder of No Labels, a new grassroots organization, joining Democrats, Republicans, and Independents who are united in the belief that we do not have to give up our labels, merely put them aside to do what’s best for America. 

To learn more about No Labels, or to join in their mission, please click here.

But first, enjoy Fifteen Minutes of Fame with Mark McKinnon:

RPTV: Fifteen Minutes of Fame with Nell Minow

Today’s guest on RPTV is a true Renaissance woman.

Nell Minow is both a leading expert on corporate governance — some even have called her the Queen of Good Corporate Governance — as well as a nationally-followed family movie critic, using her nom de plume, “Movie Mom.”

She’s got some famous relatives as well:  Her sister, Martha, is the Dean of the Harvard Law School (and one of the RP’s favorite former professors); and her father, Newton, was the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission and the man who presciently and famously called television a “vast wasteland” exactly fifty years ago.

In her Fifteen Minutes of Fame, Minow discusses the impact of the recent financial reform laws on corporate governance, recommends some excellent movies for your family, and gives a surprising (and funny) answer when questioned on her greatest point of pride about her famous family.

After watching this enlightening interview, check out Nell’s corporate governance site, Governance Metrics International; read her business watchdog column, Risky Business; and don’t take your kids to another movie without first vetting it on her blog, Movie Mom.

But first enjoy Fifteen Minutes of Fame with Nell Minow:

RPTV: Fifteen Minutes of Fame with Dan Hynes

Today, we debut a new contributing RP through the magic of Skype video.

Dan Hynes served with distinction for three terms and twelve years as Illinois’ state Comptroller.  He took two tries to leap to higher office, once barely losing a Democratic primary to the incumbent Governor (2010), and once finishing in second in a Senate primary (some guy named Obama won that race.)

An expert in fiscal management and public pension funds, Dan speaks with the RP about the economic outlook for our states and the nation, and gives his perspective on the job performance and political prospects of his former rival and current friend, President Obama:

RPTV: Fifteen Minutes of Fame with Andrew Romanoff

Today, we introduce our newest contributing recovering politician, Andrew Romanoff, through the magic of video Skype.

Andrew served as Speaker of the House for the Colorado state House of Representatives until he was term-limited in 2010. That year, he bucked the state and national Democratic establishment by challenging his party’s U.S. Senator, Michael Bennet, who had been appointed to that office by the Democratic governor and supported by President Obama. Despite this challenge — and with an assist from President Clinton who endorsed him — Andrew almost pulled the upset of the election cycle.

Now a Senior Advisor for International Development Enterprises, Andrew shares with The RP his thoughts about his race, term limits, and global conflict and development:

RPTV: Fifteen Minutes of Fame with Jim Pinkerton

Today’s guest for RPTV’s Fifteen Minutes of Fame is the noted author, television commentator and GOP policy guru, Jim Pinkerton. Going back to the George H.W. Bush Administration, Pinkerton has been one of the leading Republican policy minds in Washington. Unlike most of cable TV’s talking heads, Pinkerton does not stick to the party script, and has consistently pushed his party to the center on social issues, while remaining a fierce advocate for fiscal conservatism and the free markets.

Pinkerton is also a frequent blogger. Check out his Web site here.

During his Fifteen Minutes of Fame, Pinkerton discusses the debt, his prescription to battle income inequality, and despite needling from the RP, does NOT endorse Donald Trump in 2012. Watch here:

RPTV: Fifteen Minutes of Fame with Jeff Smith

By popular demand, today’s guest on RPTV’s Fifteen Minutes of Fame is contributing RP and former Missouri State Senator Jeff Smith. Jeff’s inaugural post for The Recovering Politician has electrified the blogosphere; already more than 10,000 people have read Jeff’s stunningly candid retelling of his post-political experiences in a federal prison.

In this morning’s interview, Jeff addresses many of the questions that our readers have posed since his article’s posting on April 4. If you are new to this site, be sure to read the following articles BEFORE you watch the interview:

Jeff Smith: The Long and Winding Journey to my Second Act

Jeff Smith: Learning Entrepreneurship in Jail

The RP: Why Barry Bonds Should NOT Go to Jail

Jason Zengerle, The New Republic: The Idealist

RPTV EXCLUSIVE: Fifteen Minutes of Fame with Ashley Judd

Of course, politicians are not the only victims of sensationalist journalism — entertainment celebrities have it far, far worse.

Take Ashley Judd’s new book.  (Seriously: Take it — there’s a link to buy below.)

If you’d believe the breathless coverage, the memoir is just another celebrity tell-all, a lead-in to a sobbing appearance on Oprah’s coach.

In fact, All That is Bitter and Sweet is an important book:  a sobering diary of Judd’s humanitarian work in some of the very poorest areas of the globe.  It is far more Three Cups of Tea than anything resembling Mommy Dearest.

In this exclusive RPTV podcast interview, Judd discusses her journeys, advises all of us on how to get involved in supporting her critical causes, and, of course, discusses Kentucky basketball.

You can download the RPTV podcast by clicking here, or on Ashley’s picture above. 

I encourage you to buy Ashley’s book, and check out the important charitable organizations that she discusses in the interview.  Links to all can be found below:

RPTV: 15 Minutes of Fame — Video Interview w/Author David Sirota

RPTV Presents – –

15 Minutes of Fame:

A video interview with New York Times bestselling author David Sirota.

The RP and Sirota discuss his new book — BACK TO OUR FUTURE: How the 1980s Explain the World We Live In.

If we’ve convinced you to buy the book after watching the interview, just use the handy link below the video.

The Recovering Politician Bookstore


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