The RP’s Great Debates: Jeff Smith vs. Rod Jetton

Thanks to the magic of Skype, RPTV introduces a new feature today, “The RP’s Great Debates.”

Our very first installment features a debate between two former Missouri state legislators, from opposite sides of the political spectrum, who somehow found a way to become good friends:  contributing RPs Jeff Smith and Rod Jetton.  In this interview, Smith and Jetton discuss their relationship, debate the debt ceiling crisis, and — best of all — do pretty accurate and very funny impressions of each other.

If you are new to The Recovering Politician, you probably should read the following pieces by the two men:

Rod Jetton’s 3 part stunningly candid essay on his rise, scandal and renewal: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.  

Jeff Smith’s nationally acclaimed piece (featured in New York magazine’s “Approval Matrix”) on his rise, prison time and redemption: Click here for the full piece.

And don’t miss Jeff Smith’s piece on their unlikely friendship.

We strongly encourage you to watch the last few minutes of the following video.  These guys are hilarious.



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