VIDEO: My Moment of Zen on “The Daily Show”

Last night, I had the incredible opportunity of playing straight man to The Daily Show‘s hilarious Al Madrigal in a segment of the Comedy Channel’s most popular franchise — and one of my all-time favorite shows.

As Madrigal exposed, No Labels — the national grassroots movement I co-founded, that involves 600,000 Democrats, Republican, and Independents in efforts to promote problem-solving to replace hyper-partisanship — is really a front group for immigrant harassment, forced Chick-fil-a feeding, and spinning in circles.

Or something like that.

When the show was first run, I tweeted my commentary simultaneously.  You can read my wacky insights by clicking here.

So if you missed it last night; now, here’s my moment of zen:

Having trouble accessing the video? Click here to watch on The Daily Show Web site.

The RP on CTV News Talks No Labels’ “Make Congress Work”

In his semi-regular gig as American politics expert for Canada’s CTV News — the CNN plus MSNBC plus Fox News of the Great White North — The RP spoke yesterday to the residents of his wife’s homeland about how the grassroots movement he co-founded, No Labels, is working to transform Washington from hyper-partisanship to problem-solving.

To sign onto the No Labels’ plan to Make Congress Work, click here and add your energy to the growing movement which now includes nearly 600,000 Democrats., Republicans and Independents, all who believe we must occasionally put aside our labels to do what is right for our nation.

And for The RP on CTV News, let’s go to the videotape:

The RP Talks “No Labels” on MSNBC’s “The Cycle”

ICYMI, yesterday afternoon, The RP was the special guest on MSNBC’s hot new afternoon talk show, The Cycle, co-hosted by The RP’s friend — and contributing recovering politician — Krystal Ball.

After Krystal kindly promoted a certain spectacular year-and-a-half-old Web site, The RP gave a spirited defense of No Labels, the grassroots movement he co-founded that now involves more than 500,000 Americans in efforts to promote bi-partisan problem-solving as a means to fix our broken political system.

If you haven’t had the chance, please be sure to check out the No Labels Web site, and if you support their mission, sign on to the important cause.

And now…without further ado…The RP on MSNBC:

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UPDATED: Here’s a shorter, lower-resolution version that unlike the full piece should play on every mobile device:

The RP on Kentucky Newsmakers

This weekend, the RP appeared on WKYT’s Kentucky Newsmakers, the oldest and most respected TV news interview program in the Commonwealth, hosted by The RP’s friend, local broadcasting legend Bill Bryant.

Enjoy their discussion (in two segments below) about poker, politics and a whole lot more:




Click here for link
to part two.

Terrific TV Piece on the RP at the World Series of Poker

Joe Arnold of WHAS-TV (Louisville) put together a hilarious and fascinating TV news story on The RP’s impossible run through the World Series of Poker.  It’s only four minutes long, and we highly recommend it.  Click below:

The RP: Join My Interactive Video Debate on “The Media’s Double Standard for Israel”

In my latest column for The Huffington Post, “The Media’s Double Standard for Israel,” I argue that the American media too often places disproportionate attention on the flaws of radical Israeli extremists, failing to report them in the context of Israel’s broad and loving embrace of progressive values.

Click here to read “The Media’s Double Standard for Israel.”

Whether or not you agree with me, I’d love to hear your point of view.  And I’m excited to report that — thanks to the trailblazing technology of a Lexington-based startup, — today, I will be engaging in an interactive video debate with the RP Nation.

That means you!  Please watch my video below, and underneath the video are instructions on how you can use the camera on your computer to record your 30 second take on the issue.  And I will respond in kind.

Sound fun?  Or at least worth trying?  Watch below and join in!

Now it’s your turn:

  • When you are ready to begin your recording, click on the “Rec” button at the far left of the red line under the video.  (The red line is called the “PunnBar”)
  • If this is your first time at Punndit, you will be prompted to sign in through Facebook or Twitter.
  • The Record button will change to a “Stop” button after recording begins. Clicking on Stop will end the recording and begin playback of the recording for you to review.
  • To submit your video then click the “Post and Save” button that will appear.
  • Your punns (videos) are limited to 30 seconds, so there’s a countdown recording clock that will show you how long your recording is running.
  • You can type in a title for your video response that will show in the PunnBar just below your thumbnail picture.
  • Be sure to share your video response with your friends through the social networking buttons available after your recording is finished.


Click here for a full set of instructions.

Krystal Ball: The Unintentional Audiences of Political Theatrics

Krystal Ball “ranted” on Dylan Ratigan this week about Rush Limbaugh and other blowhards. Check it out:

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Tune in to see the RP on CNBC’s “Kudlow & Co.”, TONIGHT at 7:40 EST

The RP is back on the national TV tubes tonight talking about No Labels’ ambitious “Make Congress Work” proposal.

This time, he will be appearing on CNBC’s “Kudlow and Company” at 7:40 PM EST.

For a primer on “Make Congress Work,” click here to read the RP’s column today up at The Huffington Post.

Click here to read how “Make Congress Work” has impressed nationally-respected political columnist Ezra Klein.

And most importantly, click here to read the full “Make Congress Work” plan and to GET INVOLVED.

The RP: Watch the Trailer for “Hitting the Cycle”

As I travel across the country on business, I’m constantly asked what my much-smarter and much-more-popular sister, Jennifer Miller, is up to.

Of Jennifer’s many projects, one is soon coming to fruition.  Over the past year, she served as Co-Producer for “Hitting the Cycle,” a baseball-themed film that was written and directed by her high school classmate Richey Nash, and co-starring the legendary Bruce Dern.

I’m excited to report that the film’s trailer has just been released.  Watch it below and let me know what you think:

The RP Returns to Talk US Economy with CTV, Canada’s CNN

Apparently, the Great White North can’t get enough of the RP’s economic analysis.  That, or Mrs. RP’s Canadian relatives have blackmailed CTV News, Canada’s CNN, into using the RP as one of their key sources for comment on the ups and downs of the American economy.

Whatever the reason, the RP returned yesterday to CTV — this time via a Sykpe interview from his office desk — to discuss yesterday’s dramatic stock market jump.

To watch the interview, click on the logo below, and then scroll down on the video player contents to find the RP:


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