The RP Summarizes “Make Congress Work” in HuffPost

As the No Labels’ campaign to “Make Congress Work” continues to pick up steam, the RP published a summary of the 12-point plan in The Huffington Post.

Here’s an excerpt:

More than a dozen current and former Members of Congress joined us last week to announce our action plan. And throughout 2012, No Labels will conduct an intensive campaign to mobilize one million Americans behind our efforts to Make Congress Work. Our goal is simple: To see most, if not all, of these reforms adopted when Congress convenes in January 2013.

This is our movement’s first step.  But it’s a big one.

If you too are tired of our poisoned political system, click here to become part of the solution, part of the first-of-a-kind grassroots movement to reform Congress from within.

The time to act is now.  Will you join us?

Together, we can Make Congress Work again.  Together, we can help restore history’s greatest democracy to its rightful perch, as a light unto the nations.

Click here to read the full article at The Huffington Post.


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