The RP’s Weekly Web Gems: The Politics of Pigskin

The Politics of Pigskin

This week’s Monday Morning QB article includes the Steelers’ big win over the Patriots, Anquan Boldin’s clutchness, and the Bengals winning some games. [Sports Illustrated]

Speaking of the Patriots, Bill Barnwell pays his respects to the quickly Patriots defense that Ben Roethlisberger shredded on Sunday. Keep reading as Barnwell makes fantastic observations throughout his article. [Grantland]

Here are your winners and losings from Sunday’s slate of games. [Yahoo! Sports]

Here is a preview of the upcoming game this weekend between #1 LSU vs. #2 Alabama, also known as the national championship. [ESPN]

Andrew Luck is really, really good. #SuckforLuck [CBS Sports]


The RP’s Weekly Web Gems: The Politics of Faith

The Politics of Faith

Today you might engage in various Halloween traditions and festivities, but you might not know how the holiday came about.  Here’s an article about the origins and evolution of Halloween. [Evansville Courier & Press]

Should Christians celebrate Halloween?  Some claim it’s the devil’s holiday, while to others it’s a harmless night of fun. [CNN Belief Blog]

Watch this season of the TV show Dexter for some interesting commentary on science and religion. [NPR]


The RP’s Weekly Web Gems- The Politics of the States

Cleo Powell has made history as the state of Virginia's first African-American female Supreme Court Justice.

Virginia has its first female African-American Supreme Court Justice. Cleo Elaine Powell was sworn in on October 21 to the seat, vacated by Leroy R. Hassell, Sr., the states first African-American chief justice, who passed away in February. “He was my mentor, he was my friend,” Powell said of Hassell. “It is my privilege to fill the seat that he so untimely vacated.” A native of southern Virginia, Powell received undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Virginia and was the first African-American woman to serve on the Virginia Court of Appeals in 2008. [Richmond Times-Dispatch]

The League of Women Voters of Wisconsin has sued that state for its recently-enacted voter ID laws. The Republican-backed legislation does not directly affect women voters qua women voters, the group has stated that it believes that the laws are in violation of the Constitution by impinging upon the voting rights of minorities. “We are appalled by the stories the league is hearing about the barriers people are facing in trying to obtain an acceptable ID,” the group’s president, Melanie Ramey, said. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

In other voter registration news, a New Smyrna Beach, Fla. teacher may be fined thousands of dollars for holding a student voter registration drive. Jill Cicciarelli, who advises student government ar New Smyrna Beach High School, is said to have violated a controversial new state law regarding registration of new voters. Aimed at groups like ACORN, the law requires that any third party registering voters must register with the state and submit applications within 48 hours. [Daytona Beach News-Journal]

California Governor Jerry Brown recently signed into law legislation that would allow children aged 12 and up to seek medical care for sexually transmitted diseases– including the much-maligned Gardasil vaccine for human papillomavirus (HPV). The bill, signed hours before the governor’s deadline to sign bills sent to him by the State Assembly, was tempered by a donation two days later, when pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca donated some $8,000 to Brown’s reelection campaign. AstraZeneca says the donation was not related to the new law. (Incidentally, Gardasil is produced by rival Merck.) [Sacramento Bee]

Debates between Republican Cindy Golding and Democrat Liz Mathis have been scheduled in an Iowa Senate special election. The election is hotly-contested and could flip the Senate’s close 26-24 Democratic majority to a 25-25 tie which, along with Republican Governor Terry Branstad and a Republican-controlled House of Representatives, would solidify Republican power in the first-in-the-nation caucus state. The seat was opened when incumbent Democrat Swati Dandekar Branstad appointed her to the state utilities board. [Des Moines Register]

The RP: Join Me at The Festival of Faiths

Louisville’s reputation outside Kentucky rests, in part, on baseball bats, fried chicken, Muhammad Ali, and a horse race, but now one must add the Festival of Faiths to that list.

There’s never been more of a cynical curmedgon than David Hawpe, the former editor of  the Louisville Courier-Journal.  So his glowing endorsement of this week’s upcoming 16th annual celebration of the Festival of Faiths is something for all to take notice.

Read Hawpe’s entire piece here.

This year’s event — entitled Sacred Air: Breath of Life — takes place from November 2nd – 7th, and it reaffirms our commitment to come together as many faiths, united in our mutual respect for each other, so that we can engage in common action on behalf of our community.

The chair of the festivities, Christy Brown, is one of Kentucky’s greatest treasures.  Recently widowed from her extraordinary husband Owsley Brown II (whom I briefly eulogized here), Christy has shared her heart, soul, and considerable talents transforming the Festival of Faiths into an internationally-celebrated event.  

Both the Mrs. RP and I are proud to take part in the festivities.

Lisa has helped organize a full day of Yoga, Tai Chi and Meditation exercise. A wide range of movement and breathing exercises will be available, suitable to every level from beginner to proficient, and appropriate for families as well as individuals. Classes will be offered continually throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday.  For details, click here.

I will be joining a panel on Friday afternoon, from 3:00-4:30 PM in the Tavern Room at the Henry Clay at 604 South Third Street in Louisville. At this session, participants will be developing a Statement of Belief for the festival, in order to leave the week with a powerful call to action.  The goal of the session is to come up with evidence of actions and steps to present to churches, synagogues, mosques, religious organizations, and other leadership bodies.

Read the rest of…
The RP: Join Me at The Festival of Faiths

The RP’s BREAKING News: The Politics of the Media

Forty years ago today, a group of feminist leaders (including Gloria Steinem) started an empowering magazine for women. Take a look back at Ms. magazine, a publication that changed history. [NY Magazine]

Jeff Smith: A Fresh Start for Rick Perry?

Perry just needs to not mess up for eight weeks. I can’t imagine the numbers working on an optional 20 percent tax rate but I’m no economist. It’s not that important that the numbers work; what’s important is that he sound credible and serious defending it.

If he can do that and not get distracted by other issues, Cain will implode. Bachmann will quit shortly after Iowa and file for reelection. Gingrich will go back to selling books and speaking for $25K a pop or whatever he gets. Santorum will go back to annoying people.

And without all those candidates who’ve just been renting five to 20 percent of the voters, they’ll be up for grabs, and if anything is clear after the last five years, they aren’t really feeling Mitt Romney. So I think those voters break 2:1 or 3:1 for Perry.

Whether that’s enough will depend on his performance, and where Paul’s five to 10 percent end up. (Huntsman’s one to two percent splits between Romney and Obama – not enough to have an impact.)

By the way, I think Huckabee could swoop in tomorrow and scoop up enough of those “rented” voters to take the nomination.

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The RP’s Weekly Web Gems: The Politics of Wealth

The Politics of Wealth



Steve Jobs’ final lesson to us all. [Forbes]

Is Management the last bastion of American hegemony? [Fortune]

With his management background, why is Herman Cain’s campaign potentially facing internal chaos? [CNBC]

Did Hewlett-Packard make the wrong decision when they chose to keep the PC division? [Forbes]

The RP’s Weekly Web Gems: The Politics of the Planet

CNN has a nice collection of info and stories about the Earth getting ready to hit 7 billion people. []

As the population rises, and resources become more scarce, it will become harder to feed people. One San Francisco restaurant is looking to make a cheaper source of protein acceptable. []

Allegations of scientific misconduct are being leveled at the researcher who told us of polar bears drowning because of global warming. []

The RP Returns to Talk US Economy with CTV, Canada’s CNN

Apparently, the Great White North can’t get enough of the RP’s economic analysis.  That, or Mrs. RP’s Canadian relatives have blackmailed CTV News, Canada’s CNN, into using the RP as one of their key sources for comment on the ups and downs of the American economy.

Whatever the reason, the RP returned yesterday to CTV — this time via a Sykpe interview from his office desk — to discuss yesterday’s dramatic stock market jump.

To watch the interview, click on the logo below, and then scroll down on the video player contents to find the RP:


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Additionally, those holding a Cisco CCNA Wireless certification must be able to provide support for a basic wireless network, and must feel comfortable operating, configuring, and monitoring Cisco WLAN, SMB, and Enterprise networks. Cisco recently revised their CCNA Wireless exams and courses in order to reflect the most up to date information on wireless technology and wireless products. Any technician wishing to become a CCNA Wireless must have equally up to date knowledge about wireless networking.


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