A listing of some of best works by The RP (Jonathan Miller):


The Daily Beast, October 16, 2013:Obamacare is Winning in Kentucky, Thanks to Steve Beshear

Kentucky, a bastion of anti-government ire, is the top state for Obamacare enrollment. Jonathan Miller on the governor responsible for the unlikely red-state enthusiasm.




The Daily Beast, September 21, 2013: “Confessions of a Juicer: Reconsidering the War on Steroids

After a successful bout of testosterone therapy, Jonathan Miller now argues that professional sports should abandon a hypocritical and wholly ineffective testing program.





The Daily Beast, August 16, 2013: “Yes, There’s a ‘War on Coal.’ Here’s How to End It

The U.S. coal business is suffering, and the only way to fix it is to call a truce. Jonathan Miller explains how Obama, Republicans, and Big Coal ended up squabbling—and offers a peace plan.





The Daily Beast, August 4, 2013, “McConnell’s Fancy Farm Monster Comes Back to Haunt Him

The bell rang for round one of U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell’s toughest reelection fight—at the annual Fancy Farm picnic, a Kentucky tradition. Unfortunately for the GOP leader, the very church picnic turned boxing ring that he transformed over the years into his own hyperpartisan image just may have revealed his glass jaw.


WSOP Day 2


The Daily Beast, July 13, 2013: “What Politicians Can Learn at the World Series of Poker

Projecting confidence—or vulnerability. Reading body language and testing endurance at the table. Jonathan Miller on lessons for Washington from another zero-sum game.





The Daily Beast, April 1, 2013: “How Kentucky Democrats Duped the MSM and Helped Elbow Out Ashley Judd

Judd adviser Jonathan Miller on the small coterie of state Democrats who duped the national press and helped nudge her out of the Senate race.



Adam Sandler Chanukah Song


The Times of Israel, December 17, 2012: “How Adam Sandler Saved American Jewry

During the 1980s,  with Gentile discrimination so diffuse and subtle, the only remaining strident enemy in the 3,000-year battle for Jewish survival was, in fact, ourselves.  But then the 1990s brought forth a modern-day Judah Maccabee: Adam Sandler. OK, I exaggerate just a little.


 (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)


Huffington Post, April 3, 2012: “Why Kentucky Basketball Matters

While the literary and media elite have branded cerebral baseball and primal football as our national pastimes; college basketball, particularly here in the heartland, really does matter.  And flaws and all, big-time, big-money college roundball is not only the people’s sport; it’s also good public policy.




Huffington Post, November 28, 2011: “The Liberal Case for Israel

Israel is not simply the region’s strongest democracy and the U.S.’s strongest ally; but that the Jewish State also models liberal and progressive values as well as — or even better — than any other nation today.


Marriage Equality Statue of Liberty Lady Justice


Huffington Post, May 16, 2011: “Yep, I’m for Marriage Equality

I’ve lived a lie for most of my adult life. As a statewide elected official in Kentucky, I understood that coming out of the closet for gay marriage was tantamount to political suicide. But now as a recovering politician, I feel both liberated and morally compelled to holler from the cyber-rooftops: I’m proud as hell, and I’m not going to fake it any more!




The Recovering Politician, May 10, 2011:The Five Most Jew-ish Gentiles in American Pop Culture

In honor of my college roommate, who came to campus with an encyclopedic knowledge of my faith, customs and moral code,  quite impressive for a Roman Catholic from upstate New York, I hereby consecrate the following list of the Five Most Jew-ish Gentiles in Pop Culture:


Click here to watch RFK's Eulogy for King, April 4, 1968


The Recovering Politician, April 4, 2011: “My Dad, RFK, and the Greatest Speech of the Past Century

It was April 4, 1968, and a bitter, black nightfall had descended on one of our nation’s grayest days.  Robert Kennedy stood on the back of a truck in a vacant lot, surrounded by dilapidated public housing units, in the heart of the Indianapolis ghetto.

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