RPTV: Fifteen Minutes of Fame with Nell Minow

Today’s guest on RPTV is a true Renaissance woman.

Nell Minow is both a leading expert on corporate governance — some even have called her the Queen of Good Corporate Governance — as well as a nationally-followed family movie critic, using her nom de plume, “Movie Mom.”

She’s got some famous relatives as well:  Her sister, Martha, is the Dean of the Harvard Law School (and one of the RP’s favorite former professors); and her father, Newton, was the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission and the man who presciently and famously called television a “vast wasteland” exactly fifty years ago.

In her Fifteen Minutes of Fame, Minow discusses the impact of the recent financial reform laws on corporate governance, recommends some excellent movies for your family, and gives a surprising (and funny) answer when questioned on her greatest point of pride about her famous family.

After watching this enlightening interview, check out Nell’s corporate governance site, Governance Metrics International; read her business watchdog column, Risky Business; and don’t take your kids to another movie without first vetting it on her blog, Movie Mom.

But first enjoy Fifteen Minutes of Fame with Nell Minow:


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