The RPs Debate Tim Tebow: The RP’s Closing Argument

The RP‘s Closing Argument

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In the long, storied history of the RP Great Debates (OK, it’s only been three weeks…), we’ve never had so many participants and so many opinions. There is something about Tim Tebow that certainly strikes a chord in so many Americans.

But to conclude where I began, the civility and positivity that Tim Tebow has added to the public dialogue is remarkable, particularly considering the hostility of some of his supporters and his detractors.  And what’s even more remarkable is that the kid is only 24 years old!  To be the idol of of millions and the devil to others, and to still retain such a modicum of humility is truly admirable.

This week, No Labels, an organization I co-founded, has called upon the 535 Members of Congress to sit at tomorrow night’s State of the Union with a member of the other party.  To date, around 160 have signed up.

While that sounds great, and is clearly an improvement on the status quo, recognizes that more than 2/3 of the Members of Congress refuse to sit with someone of the other party.  While such an action is merely symbolic, and the least substantive of No Labels’ twelve-point Make Congress Work plan, it is also the easiest. This just shows we have a long way to go to restore civility in DC.

Ultimately, this is why I love Tim Tebow.  Anyone that can help promote more civil dialogue — particularly an NFL star — is helping to advance a cause that is the procedural necessity to action on meaningful public policy reform.

And this is why I love what we are doing at The Recovering Politician.  Thanks to our readers in the RP Nation for helping us create a virtual space where all sides can have their say in a civil debate on the issues of the day.


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