The RPs Debate Tim Tebow: Zack Adams Rebuts

Zack Adams: Rebuttal #8

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As a liberal with no religion, how I feel about Tebow’s existence in popular culture mirrors how I feel about, let’s say, Justin Beiber. What they do is somewhat annoying to me, but what is far more bothersome is the level of coverage they are given and how much I have to hear about their antics. Of course, I fully respect Tim’s rights to practice his religious beliefs and honestly, he seems like one of the nicest guys in the world. However, like Robert, I find his personal brand of Christianity to be a turn-off.

I believe Tebow could use his immense popularity to do something more worthwhile than appear in a 30 second Super Bowl spot going all anti-abortion for Focus on the Family, an organization that I plenty of problems with already. Sure, it was a cute commercial with Tebow and his mom, but the bottom line is that they were advocating a position that strips women of their reproductive rights. Mr. Davis put this far better than I could, I’ll just say I’m with him.
Even though Tebow knocked my Steelers out of the playoffs in spectacular fashion, I maintain that he is a mediocre NFL quarterback. He’s a fine football player because he possesses so many of the necessary intangibles, but as a quarterback he cannot consistently accomplish a quarterback’s number one responsibility: passing the ball. He completed an awful 46.5% of his passes in the 2011 regular season, a full 4% behind the next worst finisher (Blaine Gabbert, 50.8%).
The truth is Tim Tebow is a barely-passable quarterback with a superstar-sized personality who rode his team’s defense and running game to partial success. Two years from now Tebowmania will be a half-remembered phenomenon along the lines of the Wildcat offense or Brett Favre’s numerous comebacks.


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