The RPs Debate Tim Tebow: Michael Steele Rebuts

Michael Steele: Rebuttal #6

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I’ve always been fascinated by the symmetry between football and faith.

Every great football saga ever told (or at least made for TV) has this underlying storyline about faith: faith in one’s self, faith in God, faith in your team.

So I find it particularly curious and somewhat appealing that Tim Tebow has been able to bring this connection into focus better than any other football player in recent memory.

But of course, folks act like this is something new. Players have been “giving thanks to God” and “taking a knee” in prayer long before Tebow stepped on the field or made a commercial.

So what’s different?

His story.

His outward expression of faith is rooted in the story of his mother and the very difficult choice she made as a young woman.

She chose life. And every time he takes a knee on the field, Tebow celebrates that choice.

That may tick some people off; and still others may try to exploit it but one thing’s for sure, he and the sport he plays connects with people.

I love football.


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