John Y’s Musings from the Middle: Membership Has Its Privleges

“Membership Has Its Privileges.”

Oh, yes it does!

I am now a Speedy Rewards Card Club Member. Just received my “membership card.”

I have no idea what the criteria is, how many apply and are rejected, but I was offered membership on the spot without references, an interview, or even a short bio.

I had never given Speedway service station/convenience store much thought before….but I am awfully impressed with their judgment, perceptiveness, and obvious rigorous standards for from the membership selection committee. I look forward to membership festivities, camaraderie and friendships sure to develop for new “club members.”

These Speedway folks know quality when they see it. Well….and I guess I like to think I do too. I now put Speedway right up there with Costco as one of the great American retail chains.

(Full Disclosure: I am a Costco Wholesale “Executive Member” Black Card holder.)


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