The RPs Debate Tim Tebow: Jason Grill Rebuts

Jason Grill: Rebuttal #10

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Looks like this issue has almost been completely hashed out. Interesting responses and creativity throughout this entire debate on the RP.

Now, since I am charged with the late two-minute drill, let’s talk football:

Is it Tebow Time?

The Facts…

The GreatCareer College Passing: 661 Cmp, 995 Att, 9285 Yds, 88 TD. Career College Rushing: 692 Att, 2947 Yds, 4.3 Avg, 57 TD, Heisman Award Winner (2007), BCS National Championship Winner (2007, 2009), 1st round NFL draft pick.

The Good: 8-6 as an NFL starting QB and 1-1 in the NFL playoffs.

The Bad: 18th QB scoring in Fantasy Football in 2011 (This is important to millions including me), ranked 32nd QB in passing yards (1,729), ranked 28th QB in overall rating (72.9), and ranked 34th QB in completion % (46.5) in 2011.

Tim Tebow is one of the best college QB’s of all time, but he is a below average NFL QB. Tebow will only continue to have a winning record in the NFL if his team’s running game and defense are great. In 2011, Denver finished 4th in the NFL in rushing and 6th in total defense.

As a lifelong Kansas City Chiefs fan, I am not worried at all about Tim Tebow being in the division. The average at best 2011 Chiefs team went 1-1 against Tebow. Losing in KC, 17-10, where Tebow completed 2 passes for 69 yards and winning in Denver, 7-3, where Tebow completed 6 passes for 60 yards. Not exactly John Elway, let alone Kyle Orton were looking at here.

Look…I admire Tim Tebow as a person. His work with the poor and disadvantaged, his outstanding physical and mental work ethic, and his orphanage and missionary work are exceptional. Tebow embodies the golden rule. Tebow is an individual liberals should embrace.

I will never root against Tim Tebow as an individual. I will never say a negative thing about his personality or his values. However, it makes it much easier for me to root against him on the field because he plays for the Denver Broncos.

The facts are the facts. Tebow is not a good NFL QB, but is an elite human being.

Chiefs 2012!


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