John Y’s Musings from the Middle: John Y’s Excellent Adventure

10418405_10154346633880515_7804120481723846073_nWhoa, Dude!

John’s excellent adventure–at least according to Facebook

Last night I was in Lexington and did login to Facebook account with a new replacement phone.

But this morning when I woke up and read the notice, it says I was in Atlanta, GA!

jyb_musingsI have no recollection of driving to Atlanta last night to log into Facebook but apparently, according to Facebook, I did. I do remember the drive back to Louisville seemed a little longer than usual.

All I know is I woke up this morning with a hazy memory of last night. I just hope it was awesome.

John Y’s Musings from the Middle: Dirt Devils and Magic Dusters

10421184_10154303462260515_6780446856741738233_nThe upside of Dirt Devil shopping.

It shouldn’t be this hard to buy a Dirt Devil to vacuum out blueberry muffin crumbs in my car floorboard.

I have tried Office Depot, Stienmart, Best Buy, Staples, and a couple of others and empty handed.

It was very frustrating.

But just a few minutes ago I took a Dirt Devil shopping break at Heine Bros and got a Rooibee Red Tea and am listening to the Black Crowes.

And now I really don’t mind at all that finding a Dirt Devil is so difficult. In fact, as I am listening to the live version of Can’t You Hear Me Knocking, I’m actually glad it is so difficult because it led me here.

So if you have been shopping all afternoon for a Dirt Devil and are frustrated, hang in there. It does get better when you eventually end up at Heine Bros. You won’t find a Dirt Devil, but you do get to enjoy a Rooibee Red Tea and get to listen to the Black Crowes.

And as you head home, you’ll probably decide it’s easier to just stop eating blueberry muffins. At least in your car.

And think to yourself, “It’s all good.”


Dirt Devils have apparently been replaced by Magic Dusters. 

The name “Magic Duster” sounds better and is slightly less occultish sounding for a household clearning device than “Dirt Devil.” 

But they really aren’t all that magical, if you ask me. Of course, your threshold for defining “magical” may be lower than mine–but I’m not seeing it.

jyb_musingsPut it this way, it’s not as magical as something that is battery operated. Or more to the point, the Magic Duster is less magical, powerwise, than blueberry muffin crumbs.

John Y’s Musings from the Middle: Talking ATMs

Is it me or do ATM’s seem more talkative than they used to be?

It used to be you’d slide in your card and enter the amount you wanted and out the money would come.

Nowadays, though, ATM’s seem emotionally needy and ask endless and unnecessary questions–about my balance, my different accounts, service charges, and my judgement (“are you sure you want this amount?”) and on and on.

It’s as if they are lonely and just want some sort of interaction with anybody or anything.

I am waiting for them to ask me if I saw the game Thursday or ask me where I am headed next– or maybe try to guess what the money is for. “Is it bigger than a bread basket? If so, press 1″

jyb_musingsI feel sorry for them but I just don’t have time to nurture these machines.

Maybe someone can let them have one day off a.week to socialize with other ATM’s so they can get their emotional needs met–and then when they deal with me just give me my money instead of playing 20 Questions.

John Y’s Musings from the Middle: New Laptop Equipment

New laptop equipment.

I am thinking of going to the Apple store –but not to get a new laptop. I often decide after 6 or 9 months with a laptop that I need a new one because I am not getting the most out of my current laptop.

No….This time I am going to see if the Apple store is selling a cool, hip and tech -savvy user that I can buy to  operate my laptop.

That would solve my real problem–which isn’t having an inadequate laptop but having an inadequate user using my laptop.

jyb_musingsI know such a Macperson would be expensive–especially at Apple and with the Apple Care program I would probably have to purchase with him.

But over time I think this could save me a lot of time and money in reduced laptop turnover.

John Y’s Musings from the Middle: A Couples App

A smartphone “couples” app I’d like to see.

I’ve got an app to count calories and steps taken in a day.

Other apps help me gauge my business travel and finances and even help me manage dietary choices.

But what I could really use is an app that would help me determine how long I need to pout to equal or “get even” for undeserved slights from my wife Rebecca. For example, if Rebecca says “You never do such and such” when, in fact, I do occasionally do such and such –I just don’t do such and such all of the time– that is worth approximately 5-7 minutes of pouting.

How do I know?

I don’t.

That’s the problem.

jyb_musingsIt’s just a gut feel.

And if I overestimate the necessary pouting length, that can lead to a retaliatory slight from Rebecca to level set things. Which then leads to another pout and another slight and so on.

Hence why an app that could tell me more accurately how long I should pout would be so handy. And like all good apps, it should be cross-functional allowing Rebecca to calibrate the precise counter slight for when I over pout.

John Y’s Musings from the Middle: Alarm Clocks


My long-time trusty alarm clock broke several months ago–and I have relied on my wife, Rebecca, to wake me up every morning using her alarm clock.


Because for 4 months I have been unable to find an alarm clock for myself that is “idiot proof.”

In other words, that I can figure out how to use–like my old one dimensional alarm clock. It is a Sony from Walgreens and costs $14.99 and I am elated.

Every other alarm clock I have looked at seems to require an advanced degree in engineering to operate. (It’s not the one pictured but is as scaled down and limited to its original uses) When did clocks become easier to make than to use?

I am so relieved. Imagine…having a clock that I can set all by myself.

jyb_musingsMost alarm clocks I am passing on, I am sure, have many wonderful new fangled features. Some project the time on the ceiling; some probably connect to NASA and can track satellites. But I just need an alarm to go off around 6am every morning and am willing to give up all the other cool clock “value adds.”

I just need a loud alarm buzzer and something that tells time–and I’m good.


“No Bracket, No Pay” Awards Revealed

bb33003ebdd250e695_4bm6iixz4Nearly 100 brave souls signed up to compete in the third annual Recovering Politician/No Labels NCAA basketball tournament prediction contest, No Bracket, No Pay.

(The name comes from No Labels’ signature proposal, “No Budget, No Pay,” the simple proposition that if Congress doesn’t perform its constitutional duty to pass a budget, they shouldn’t get paid.  Click here to learn more about No Labels, and here to learn about “No Budget, No Pay”).

Today, we announce the fabulous prizes to be awarded to the winners of this free contest:

1.  The top prize — for the person who earns the most points through being the best predictor of the entire bracket, wins the new No Labels iPhone case.  What does it look like?  Well, take a look at the finalists above and vote on your favorite by clicking here.

2.  Everyone who correctly predicts the NCAA Champion, but doesn’t win the entire contest, will receive a No Labels car magnet!

So good luck to all, and in the interim, help us decide on the best iPhone case.

Saul Kaplan: Unplugged

Out of Office, AutoReply:  Sorry I will be out of the office this week.  In an emergency you can contact……   Away messages bug me.  Away from what?  Aren’t most of us away from our desks all the time?  If we aren’t maybe we should be!  Who doesn’t get emails remotely these days?  I don’t need to know that you are traveling this week.  I assume that you are not sitting at your desk waiting for an email but out at meetings and visiting with customers.  You will get back to me when you can.

OK. If you are on a personal vacation and need to disconnect or overseas and unable to receive emails it makes sense to let people know that you will not be able to respond while you are away.   But most away messages seem to just provide notification that you will not be sitting behind your desktop computer for the next few days.  Come on, we all know perfectly well that you will still receive emails on a remote computer, a laptop, or on a PDA.  Why tell us that you are away.

I find that quick responders are just as responsive when they travel and slow responders are just as slow when they are away.   I suspect many people leave an out of office message to manage expectations because they want the time away from the incessant drumbeat of emails, text messages, and twitter streams.  I understand that.  Sometimes you need to disconnect in order to reconnect.

A few vacation days away recently reminded me of the important perspective gained from disconnecting.  I didn’t leave an away message before leaving and while I left my laptop at home I did bring my iPhone, which allowed me to check important emails and Red Sox scores.  While I could have stayed connected to my Twitter stream on the iPhone I made a conscious decision (alright my wife insisted) that I disconnect cold turkey for the few days I was away.

Saul KaplanI enjoyed the respite from the cacophony of an over-connected and always-on life.  I thought a lot about what it means to live in a networked world where communication channels travel wherever you go and filtering becomes an important personal decision.   I am excited by the possibilities created by ubiquitous connectivity and personally experimenting with the right mix of channels and the right balance of being connected and finding time to disconnect.  The capacity to disconnect is important but can’t we come up with a more honest and genuine approach than a lame away message?

John Y’s Musings from the Middle: Upselling

What? No upselling?
I just went through the drive-thru pharmacy at Walgreens to get a refill on an anti-cholesterol medication and was pleasantly surprised that I wasn’t asked if I would like to order “40 tablets instead of just 30?” and then asked if I would be interested in adding an “Anti-depressent or anti-anxiety medication today?” or if I would like to “Sign-up to win a year’s supply of a new mood stabilizer?” or being reminded that if I “Come back today after 2pm I can get a free refill on pain management meds purchased before 10am.”

jyb_musingsYet I also felt a little neglected.

Maybe the pharmacist just hadn’t completed “Customer service training” yet.

John Y’s Musings from the Middle: My Apple ad (that really isn’t an Apple ad.)

I switched and what the “switch” meant to me

After switching from a PC to a Macbook Pro, I have made other changes in my life

Instead of wearing a blue blazer and khaki pants, I put on a camel hair jacket and dress jeans.

I wear tasseled loafers instead of dockers

I use a larger screen Samsung Note phone instead a smaller screen iPhone

I drink lemonade instead of diet Coke–because I like lemonade better

I buy art that stands out rather than art that blends in

I say what I really believe more often instead of saying what I think the other person wants to hear.

jyb_musingsI say no more often –instead of yes– when I mean no.

But switching to an Apple Macbook isn’t really about switching computers. It’s also not about making some hip lifestyle change. And isnt even about Apple –or having to use an Apple product.

It is instead about turning on the light switch in the dark room upstairs where you can be who you really are.

And being able to walk out of the room and mentally leave the light switched turned on.

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