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THEN: Speaker of the House, Speaker Pro Tem, Bollinger County Commissioner (MO) NOW: Marketing and Sales Director, Schultz and Summers Engineering Full Biography: link

The RPs Debate Romney Bullying: Rod Jetton Pitches

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I have read the RP debate with moderate interest for two reasons. First, I don’t care what Romney, Obama, or any other candidate did in high school or grade school. Let’s hope the world finds out less about all our lives in those years.

Secondly, this crazy story makes no sense. Look at Romney, listen to Romney and ask yourself if this guy could beat up or pick on anybody.

I have met Mr. Romney and even spent a small amount of time with him behind the spotlights. His friends would call him kind, gracious, well mannered, and curious. His enemies would call him a weak sissy who is afraid of his own shadow.

As a Marine I would not classify Mitt as a tough kick butt kind of person. I don’t think that is his style. That’s OK, we can’t all be John Wayne.

But seriously, does anyone think this guy ever picked on people? I could see him spreading gossip or something girly like that, but not to throw a punch or intimidate anyone.

I think they have the wrong Mitt Romney!

The RPs Debate the 2012 GOP VP: Rod Jetton Serves

Rod Jetton’s Response

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It’s been a busy weekend and I have enjoyed reading the comments but Grill [sic] is 100% right.

It’s Rubio for all the reasons Jason outlined.

He may refuse it, but I doubt it. Romney and “country” need, and he will accept.

If gas prices stay high, Obama will be in trouble. As I have mentioned in earlier posts, gas prices are the one issue that touches all demographics.

They also blame the Guy in charge.

In 2006 it was Bush but today its Obama.

Rod Jetton Talks Candidly About Charges

This story about contributing RP Rod Jetton appeared in The Fine Print blog, giving an interview about his past and recovery to Eric Olsen:

It’s old news, really. But in the context of awarding a sales and marketing honor, I had to ask Rod Jetton about allegations that he battered a woman during a sexual encounter in 2009 and how the process has affected his career – one that was in the public eye for eight years as a state representative and four years as House speaker.

Jetton pleaded guilty to a lesser misdemeanor charge in May 2011, more than a year after Poplar Bluff-based Schultz & Summers Engineering Inc. hired him to lead its marketing efforts. Jetton’s impact on the company has been evident as 2011 revenues came in at a record $6.2 million. By comparison, the year before Jetton’s arrival, the company posted $3.5 million. Attend Springfield Business Journal’s March 1 Dynamic Dozen awards ceremony or read the March 5 issue to learn Jetton’s role in moving those numbers.

During our interview for the Dynamic Dozen issue, Jetton spoke candidly about the legal situation.

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The RPs Debate the GOP Mudfest: Rod Jetton Rebuts

Rod Jetton: Rebuttal #5

[Krystal Ball’s Provocation; Artur Davis’ Rebuttal #1; Jeff Smith’s Rebuttal #2; Ron Granieri’s Rebuttal #3; The RP’s Rebuttal #4; Ron Granieri’s First Response]

Listening to liberals the past few weeks is so fun.
They are all giddy with how “nasty” the Republican primary has become and have convinced themselves that the “weakened” Republican nominee won’t stand a chance against President Obama.
Krystal made these points in her post, but those predictors are not very objective.  They point out that the tea party base will nominate an extremist who can’t beat Obama.  They seem happy to take on Romney even though he is considered to be the moderate Republican.
This election is not like 1968, or 1972.  It’s a bit like 1980 and a lot like 2008. Artur  Davis pointed out reality in his post, and those facts about the key states Obama has to win are real.
I’m sure the polling and focus groups show the Bain Capital attack to be effective. That is why Newt and every Democrat talking head repeat it every chance they can. I also think it will be more effective on general election voters, but Romney has a chance to turn those attacks into a positive if he plays it right. 

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The RPs Debate the GOP Mudfest: Rod Jetton Rebuts

The RPs Debate Tim Tebow: Rod Jetton Responds

Rod Jetton’s First Response

[The RP’s Provocation; Artur Davis’ Rebuttal #1; Rod Jetton’s Rebuttal #2; John Y. Brown, III’s Rebuttal #3; Ron Granieri’s Rebuttal #4; Robert Kahne’s Rebuttal #5; Artur Davis’ First Response; Michael Steele’s Rebuttal #6; The RP’s First Defense; David Host’s Rebuttal #7; Zack Adams’ Rebuttal #8; Artur Davis’ Second Response]

Congressman Davis is right in the closing statement of his last comments. Abortion views are changing particularly with young women.
While Jonathan is right that we can’t say with certainty when a fetus is a life, science is finding out that a fetus is viable at a younger and younger date with each new medical advance.
I had a very good progressive female friend who was strongly pro-choice and would debate the subject with me vigorously. After she was married and decided to have children she had a sonogram.
She had a photo of a hardly recognizable fetus and she pointed it’s heart out to me. She stopped drinking, took extra vitamins and lived the healthiest lifestyle I had ever seen her live.
I didn’t bring it up, but she told me the whole pregnancy experience had made her think about abortion in a whole new way. She still believed a women had a right to control her own body, but the thought that that fetus might be a living person who could survive caused her to re-evaluate her position. 

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The RPs Debate Tim Tebow: Rod Jetton Responds

The RPs Debate Tim Tebow: Rod Jetton Rebuts

Rod Jetton: Rebuttal #2

[The RP’s Provocation; Artur Davis’ Rebuttal #1]

Jonathan has some great points on Tebow that I agree with. I’m an Evangelical Baptist preacher’s son, and I admit I have found myself rooting for Tebow this season.

There are two reasons I have become a Tebow fan:

First, he made games exciting. I am a Green Bay Packers fan and a huge Brett Favre fan. I loved rooting for Favre because he gave 100%, and you never knew what would happen. He sometimes lost, sometimes threw a pick, but more times than not, he did something unbelievable and won the game.

Tebow is like that too. Yes, he has some terrible throws, and makes some really bad plays, but you never know whats going to happen in a game. While it’s too early to compare him to Brett Favre, like Favre, he has won more than he has lost. He gives 100%, and his first year reminds me of when Favre first started for the Packers in 1992. Coaches, critics and fans all wondered if Favre, and his unconvential style, could ever produce consistent wins.

Well, we all know how that story ended. He worked hard improved and started having more good plays than bad and in 1995, 1996 and 1997 was the NFL MVP, including 2 Super Bowl apperances, one SB win, and one of the highest winning percentage of any quarterback in leauge history.

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The RPs Debate Tim Tebow: Rod Jetton Rebuts

The RPs Predict the New Hampshire Primary

OK, folks, round two of the 2012 GOP presidential primary, which means round two of the fearless predictions of our recovering politicians.

Last week, our RPs boldly made their Iowa caucus prognostications, and with the exception of RP staffer Zack Adams (who predicted the correct finish of the top 6 candidates) and Artur Davis (the only contributing RP to predict the correct order of the top 3), well…let’s say they are lucky to get a second chance. But this web site is all about second acts, right?

And we ask you to join them in the comments section as well.  No fun prizes, but instant fame and glory to the reader who is the closest.

So, here goes the New Hampshire experiment:

The RP: Romney 39; Paul 19;  Huntsman 17; Santorum 12; Gingrich 11; Roemer 1; Perry less than 1%. Ron Paul let me down — big time — last week, but I still have confidence that the independents will keep him in a solid second place.  And I predict that the media darling, John Huntsman, will underperform. And my big surprise:  Buddy Roemer ekes out 6th place from under Rick Perry’s nose.  Oh, yeah, and Mitt Romney wins big. Yawn.

Paul Hodes (contributing RP and former New Hampshire Congressman): Here goes from the Granite State…Romney 34; Huntsman 19; Paul 18; Gingrich 14; Santorum 12; Perry 3

Zac Byer (RP Staff): 1st – Mitt Romney (32%); 2nd – Ron Paul (19%); 3rd – Jon Huntsman (15%). [Click here to read his Zac’s full report from Manchester, New Hampshire.]

Jason Grill: 1. Romney (Needs at least 35% or a 10 point win); 2. Huntsman (The candidate with the best chance to beat President Obama in the general); 3. Paul (Another third place finish, but still relevant); 4. Gingrich (Edges out Rick, but Tick…Tick…Tick…SC is next. Boom); 5. Santorum (No Iowa magic tonight); 6. Perry (Already hunkered down in SC for his last stand)

Greg HarrisRomney – 35; Huntsman – 21; Santorum – 16; Paul – 13; Gingrich – 11; Perry – 4

Steve Schulman: With apologies to Frank Sinatra…Mitt Romney – If he can’t win it here, he can’t win it anywhere…Ron Paul – He’ll do it his way…Jon Huntsman – Strangers in the night…Rick Santorum – Please don’t talk about him when he’s gone…Newt Gingrich – Fly him to the moon, let him play among the stars…Rick Perry – Ain’t that a kick in the head…And too bad Michele Bachmann dropped out … that lady is a tramp!

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The RPs Predict the New Hampshire Primary

The RPs Debate Presidential Leadership: Rod Jetton Responds

Rod Jetton’s Second Response

[John Y.’s Provocation The RP’s Rebuttal #1; Ron Granieri’s Rebuttal #2; Rod Jetton’s Rebuttal #3; Krystal Ball’s Rebuttal #4; John Y.’s First Defense; Rod Jetton’s Response #1; Jeff Smith’s Rebuttal #5; John Y.’s Second Defense; Ron Granieri’s Response #1; John Y.’s Third Defense; Artur Davis’ Rebuttal #6]; Jeff Smith’s Response #1]

Jeff is so right about the difference between presidential races and state races. It is much easier for one candidate to have the resources to buy those down-ticket races.  
While we have been asking about how a candidate is perceived by disinterested voters, I do think we should remember that the opposing campaign also has a chance to impact those perceptions. A good media buy with cutting ads can hurt a candidate. What the Bill Clinton camp did to Bob Dole in 1996 is a good example. 
I also want to say that if Romney wins the primary and faces Obama, the question about who you want to have beer with is hard for voters to answer. 
Obama is not a guy people want to have a beer with any more than Romney is.

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The RPs Debate Presidential Leadership: Rod Jetton Responds

The RPs Debate Presidential Leadership: Rod Jetton Responds

Rod Jetton’s First Response:

[John Y.’s Provocation The RP’s Rebuttal #1; Ron Granieri’s Rebuttal #2; Rod Jetton’s Rebuttal #3; Krystal Ball’s Rebuttal #4; John Y.’s First Defense]

Great points, John Y. I really was not taking shots at you for having feelings. Clearly, I need to soften up a bit myself.   I very much enjoyed your post and definitely can relate to switching from running the race to just coaching. Although, I still like to tell everyone how fast I used to be.


But on Romney, I think the “he’s out of touch, or not one of us”  analysis is too deep. I’m not saying in a general election independent voters may feel that way, but Republican primary voters are simply wary of a guy who said he was pro-choice and OK with gun control.

Additionally, his Mormon faith is hard for many evangelicals to swallow. Most of us have been taught all our lives that Mormonism is a cult. So for many evangelicals, getting past that takes a lot of work. They will vote for anyone who is even close to their views before picking a Mormon.

Maybe some voters feel it makes him different from them as you and Krystal noted, but most primary voters who have a problem with his religion will admit he is great at business, and he is good on the issues but…

The RPs Debate Presidential Leadership: Rod Jetton Rebuts

Rebuttal #3: Rod Jetton

John Y’s post was deep. All the psychological stuff is a bit too touchy feely for this Marine. I don’t know if he was a psychology minor in college or if his wife has him watching too many chick flicks.  Either way, it was too deep for me.  But as I think back to comments from the important women in my life, maybe I need to learn from John Y. or watch more chick flicks.

That being said, I agree with the RP and think analyzing Romney’s problems with Republican voters is much easier.  I ran Romney’s 2008 Missouri campaign and I’m still pulling for him, but he has two basic problems.

First, he is a Mormon. I know it’s not politically correct (PC) to admit that a candidate’s religion can hurt them, but reality pays no attention to PC.  There are many evangelicals who have a major problem with Mormons.  They like the family values, but they have a serious mistrust of the Mormon faith. Evangelicals are a important part of most Republican primaries. Iowa is a good example both in 2004 and 2008.

His second problem are his flip flops. Politics is a crazy business and most successful politicians massage their views depending on the situation or audience. The Internet has made it harder than it used to be, but each week we hear about some comment a politician made at a fundraiser or event that rubs the other party and Independents the wrong way.

Romney’s problem is he has changed his mind on some really important and big issues for Republicans. The top 2 are probably abortion and gun control, but the health care issue ranks up at the top as well.

Most realistic political observers realizes that to win a Governor’s race in Massachusetts as a Republican, a candidate has to be a bit more moderate. But we all know that the most hardcore primary voters in each party are anything but realistic. When running for Governor, Romney took some moderate stands that helped him win and later govern. That was then, but the presidential primary is now, and those past views are not helpful today.

The flip flops allow conservative Republicans who already have concerns about Romney’s faith to justify distrusting him. I know this because I talked to hundreds of them 4 years ago.

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The RPs Debate Presidential Leadership: Rod Jetton Rebuts