The RPs Predict the New Hampshire Primary

OK, folks, round two of the 2012 GOP presidential primary, which means round two of the fearless predictions of our recovering politicians.

Last week, our RPs boldly made their Iowa caucus prognostications, and with the exception of RP staffer Zack Adams (who predicted the correct finish of the top 6 candidates) and Artur Davis (the only contributing RP to predict the correct order of the top 3), well…let’s say they are lucky to get a second chance. But this web site is all about second acts, right?

And we ask you to join them in the comments section as well.  No fun prizes, but instant fame and glory to the reader who is the closest.

So, here goes the New Hampshire experiment:

The RP: Romney 39; Paul 19;  Huntsman 17; Santorum 12; Gingrich 11; Roemer 1; Perry less than 1%. Ron Paul let me down — big time — last week, but I still have confidence that the independents will keep him in a solid second place.  And I predict that the media darling, John Huntsman, will underperform. And my big surprise:  Buddy Roemer ekes out 6th place from under Rick Perry’s nose.  Oh, yeah, and Mitt Romney wins big. Yawn.

Paul Hodes (contributing RP and former New Hampshire Congressman): Here goes from the Granite State…Romney 34; Huntsman 19; Paul 18; Gingrich 14; Santorum 12; Perry 3

Zac Byer (RP Staff): 1st – Mitt Romney (32%); 2nd – Ron Paul (19%); 3rd – Jon Huntsman (15%). [Click here to read his Zac’s full report from Manchester, New Hampshire.]

Jason Grill: 1. Romney (Needs at least 35% or a 10 point win); 2. Huntsman (The candidate with the best chance to beat President Obama in the general); 3. Paul (Another third place finish, but still relevant); 4. Gingrich (Edges out Rick, but Tick…Tick…Tick…SC is next. Boom); 5. Santorum (No Iowa magic tonight); 6. Perry (Already hunkered down in SC for his last stand)

Greg HarrisRomney – 35; Huntsman – 21; Santorum – 16; Paul – 13; Gingrich – 11; Perry – 4

Steve Schulman: With apologies to Frank Sinatra…Mitt Romney – If he can’t win it here, he can’t win it anywhere…Ron Paul – He’ll do it his way…Jon Huntsman – Strangers in the night…Rick Santorum – Please don’t talk about him when he’s gone…Newt Gingrich – Fly him to the moon, let him play among the stars…Rick Perry – Ain’t that a kick in the head…And too bad Michele Bachmann dropped out … that lady is a tramp!

John JohnsonRomney; Huntsman; Paul; Newt; Perry

Rod JettonRomney, Paul, Santorum, Huntsman, Gingrich. I think Paul’s supporters will stay strong and hurt Huntsman, and Santorum will take from Newt and move into a very close third, maybe even second. 

Morgan HancockMitt will win (duh!) with at least 40%. Paul will come in 2nd   with 12%, but it doesn’t matter, Ron’s moment will be in Florida. Santorum will come in 3rd with 11%. Rick really NEEDS 2nd but will be OK with 3rd, he still has South Carolina where he should do well.  Gingrich will come in 4th with 10%. Huntsman will be 5th with about 8%; but I expect to see Huntsman back in 4 or 8 years. Perry will be last with about 1%.

Grant Smith (RP Staff): 1. Mitt Romney; 2. Ron Paul; 3. John Huntsman

Jeff Smith:Romney 32; Paul 23; Huntsman 22; Santorum 13; Gingrich 9; Perry *

Robert Kahne (RP Staff): Romney-41; Huntsman-18; Santorum-15; Paul-14; Gingrich-7; Perry-3; Roemer-2

And finally, last week’s winner for correctly picking the correct order of finish for the top six candidates in the Iowa caucuses…

Zack Adams (RP Staff):1. Romney; 2. Raul; 3. Huntsman; 4. Santorum; 5. Gingrich; 6. Perry


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