Please Sign Petition to Thank KY Attorney General Jack Conway

As I wrote today in this The Daily Beast cover piece, Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway took a very courageous stance today by refusing to appeal federal District Judge John Heyburn’s decision that requires Kentucky to recognize same-sex marriages from other states.  Here’s an excerpt:

For a populace desperately seeking politicians who are authentic—who lead from their heart, even at great political risk—Conway’s choice may instill a small ray of hope that even in this most cynical of times, conviction can sometimes trump politics.

And for this recovering politician, who has forsaken the arena for many of the same reasons that so many Americans hate politics—as well as for the chance, finally, to live a life when I can always be true to my most passionate beliefs—it’s great comfort to see my former political frenemy take the kind of brave, selfless action that I would have loved to put on my leadership resume.

Click here to read the full piece.

Do you, like me, agree with Conway’s decision?

If so, please join me in saying thanks.  Sign the petition below to let Attorney General Jack Conway know that you are with him as he stands for equality and fairness:

Thank You, Attorney General Conway for Supporting Marriage Equality

We the undersigned extend our gratitude to Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway for announcing today that he will not appeal federal District Court Judge John Heyburn's decision that Kentucky must recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states. We appreciate Conway's strong stance on behalf of equality and fairness, two fundamental American values.


447 signatures

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447Robert PateLexington, KentuckyAug 23, 2014
446Donald DeemsNewport, KentuckyApr 25, 2014
445Paul JosephMar 21, 2014
444Daniela AmorteguincMar 20, 2014
443Nona RhodesLakeside Park, KentuckyMar 19, 2014
442david lohrcrestwood, KentuckyMar 19, 2014
441Danny PattersonMurray, KYMar 19, 2014
440Donna FosterLexinton, KyMar 18, 2014
439Maria KoetterMar 13, 2014
438Wendy MeierdirkOregon, WIMar 13, 2014
437Jennifer BurchettAshland, KyMar 10, 2014
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434Gwendolyn Haver-DavisClay City, KentuckyMar 09, 2014
433Gayle SmithLouisville, KentuckyMar 09, 2014
432Gary NuttCub Run, KYMar 09, 2014
431Ashley BlandMount Dora, FLMar 09, 2014
430larry johnsonrussellville, kyMar 08, 2014
429Rebecca Wilson40517Mar 08, 2014
428Randall EadesDanville, KentuckyMar 08, 2014
427tana wrightlouisville, KentuckyMar 08, 2014
426Debbie TuckerTampa, FloridaMar 08, 2014
425Richard NaasHopkinsville, KentuckyMar 08, 2014
424Michaela StanleyLexington, KYMar 08, 2014
423April BowmanPikeville, KYMar 08, 2014
422Anita WhelanMar 08, 2014
421Victoria HarbinWhitehouse, KentuckyMar 08, 2014
420patricia caselouisville, KentuckyMar 08, 2014
419Sheila CollinsCanada, KentuckyMar 08, 2014
418Brandy SmithElizabethtown, KentuckyMar 08, 2014
417Richard LeMasterAshland, KentuckyMar 08, 2014
416Beth ThorpeLouisville , KentuckyMar 08, 2014
415chrystabelle lambertsomerset, KentuckyMar 08, 2014
414Nicole LallyLexington, KentuckyMar 07, 2014
413leigh pridemorelouisville, KYMar 07, 2014
412Tina MorrisKyMar 07, 2014
411Gina PhillipsKyMar 07, 2014
410Anna Lee AdamsLouisville, KyMar 07, 2014
409Sherry ZilinskyCovington, KYMar 07, 2014
408Linda LeeserLouisville, KYMar 07, 2014
407Korey HouskaMinneapolis, MinnesotaMar 07, 2014
406Sandra RippetoeMar 06, 2014
405Alyssa McAlisterPhoenix, AZMar 06, 2014
404Frank SchwartzLouisville, KYMar 06, 2014
403Elizabeth TremayneProspect, KentuckyMar 06, 2014
402L.A. Watsonfrankfort, kyMar 06, 2014
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399Isaac CarterMar 06, 2014
398Brandy ReevesLexington, KYMar 06, 2014


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