Enter ChallengePost Competition to Create Apps to Make Our Government Work

Click here to sign up for a competition  — in which you can win prizes up to $5000 for developing apps to make government work.  I will be serving as one of the judges.  Read more below:

With the U.S. federal government careening from one crisis to the next, citizens are increasingly frustrated with the government’s inability to get things done.

We can’t solve this problem with software alone, but we can harness technology to educate and empower both citizens and lawmakers to make government more transparent or effective. The Apps for Working Governmentchallenge seeks to highlight software applications that can help reduce partisan gridlock and increase legislative productivity at the federal, state, or local level.

Individuals, teams and organizations are encouraged to enter new or existing software solutions. These can include web, mobile or desktop apps in one of two categories:

  • Educational tools: Apps that visualize or analyze data to illustrate the problem of partisan gridlock, legislative productivity (or lack thereof) and/or related consequences. This category can include apps that analyze and evaluate the polarization or productivity of Congress, state legislatures, local government, or individual lawmakers.
  • Solutions & action tools: Apps that citizens can use to communicate with legislators or mobilize other citizens, or tools legislators can use to advance collaboration. Submitters are required to explain how the app can be used to help reduce partisan gridlock and increase legislative productivity.

nolabelsorg-87_600Check out the Suggestions and Data pages for ideas and join the discussion by sharing relevant data, existing software solutions, and solution ideas. Submit a software app you’ve already made or create something new!

Early Submission: Submit your app by May 1, 2013 at 5:00pm Eastern Time to get feedback. If your app is eligible, you’ll receive tips on how you can improve it before the final deadline.


Best New Applications (2)
Best Existing Applications (2)
Popular Choice Award – New Application
Popular Choice Award – Existing Application
Large Organization Recognition Award
Awarded to competing organizations of 50+ employees. Non-cash, recognition only.


Nick Judd

Nick Judd

Managing Editor, techPresident

Tom Lee

Tom Lee

Director of Sunlight Labs, Sunlight Foundation

Jonathan Miller

Jonathan Miller

Co-Founder, No Labels, and Former Kentucky State Treasurer

John Sides

John Sides

Co-founder & Contributor, The Monkey Cage, and Associate Professor of Political Science, George Washington University


Quality of the Idea
Includes creativity and originality
Implementation of Idea & UX
Includes how well the idea was executed by the developer as well as the overall design (graphics, typography, and visual aesthetic, etc.)
Potential Impact
Includes potential impact on partisan gridlock and legislative productivity through education and/or citizen or lawmaker action or collaboration


  1. Click the “Register For This Challenge” button at the top of the page and confirm your registration. This step ensures that you’ll receive important challenge updates and also allows you to view the submission form. Before you start building your app, be sure to read the Official Rules.
  2. Create a working software app or submit an existing one that falls into either category (educational tools or solutions & action tools). Refer to the category definitions in the “About the Challenge” section.
  3. Complete all of the required fields in the submission form.

Good luck!


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