Why We Hate Duke Basketball — Video From a HuffPostLive Forum

Hating on Duke basketball dominates even when the Blue Devils are hardly the most dominant team in this year’s NCAA tournament. What gives?

Originally aired on HuffPostLive, March 22, 2013

Hosted by: Mike Sacks

Andy Bagwell @thbthd (Cary, NC) Co-Author of ‘Duke Sucks: A Completely Evenhanded, Unbiased Investigation into the Most Evil Team on Planet Earth’

Rep. Brad Miller @RepBradMiller (Washington, DC) Retired Congressman from North Carolina

Donald Wine @blazindw (Washington, DC) Headline Monitor; Lawyer; Advisory Board Member to the WunderGlo Foundation

Ian Williams (Positano, Italy) Writer

Jonathan Miller @RecoveringPol (Lexington, KY) Former Kentucky State Treasurer

Patrick Hruby @patrick_hruby (Washington, DC) Contributor to Sportsonearth.com


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