The RP: The Earth IS Flat…But THEY Can’t Handle the TRUTH…

A number of friends remarked that I showed a lot of chutzpah in my inaugural Huffington Post piece last week — by coming out of the political closet to endorse gay marriage.

You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

My second piece, published by HuffPo this morning, takes on the Lamestream Media, the Big Science Establishment, and nearly one thousand years of international conspiracy.

Yes, I prove conclusively that the Earth is flat. Here’s an excerpt:

It’s finally happening. Thanks to the courage of such TRUTH pioneers as Glenn Beck, Alex Jones, and Harold Camping (So what if his Rapture prediction was a little off?), the iniquitous conspiracy between Big Science and the Lamestream Media is finally beginning to crumble.

The first sign was cable news’ wall-to-wall coverage of 2009’s “Climategate.” We know that public exposure of a handful of snarky emails exchanged by British climatologists proved once and for all that all of the so-called “peer-reviewed findings” and “scientific consensus” that the Earth is warming as a result of human activity were a cruel hoax. And the liberal media refused to conspire (finally!) with Big Science’s attempted whitewash: There was scant coverage of the four “independent” investigations which, all-too-conveniently and coincidentally, cleared the scientists of misconduct and reconfirmed the global warming fallacy.

That’s why it’s high time for real, TRUTH-loving Americans to employ the same logic and observational methods used by climate change deniers to debunk a far more pernicious fantasy perpetuated for centuries by Big Science: The “theory” that the Earth is round, that it spins wildly on its own axis, and that it hurtles madly through “outer space.”

 Click here to check out the piece that will make global…I mean international…history.


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