The RP’s Weekly Web Gems: The Politics of the Diamond

The Politics of Baseball

The reigning NL MVP, Joey Votto, has a  new Sportscenter advertisement.   Apparently, it took forever to film.  Also, the Reds are a terrible skid.  I am laughing at them.  [The Big Lead]

Here is a great story about Jeremy Affeldt, a relief pitcher for the San Francisco Giants, and his passion for ending human trafficking.  [xlog]

There is a lot of negativity in baseball at this moment.  The Red’s ace, Edinson Volquez, was sent to the minors, and didn’t take it so well.  The Mets owner had some nasty stuff  to say about his own  team, and the A’s closer is complaining about management.  Deadspin has the rundown. [deadspin]

This is an interesting article about the relationship between alcohol and baseball.  In a sport which plays games in Busch Stadium, Coors Field, and Miller Park, do you think things are going to change anytime soon?  [Pocono Record]

You might have heard the awful tale of Bryan Snow by now.  Mr.  Snow, a Giants fan, was beaten almost to death in Los Angeles on opening day during a game between the Giants and Dodgers.  Now, Mr. Snow’s family is suing  the Los Angeles Dodgers over the lack of security which they allege  led to Mr. Snow’s condition.  [Seattle Times]

Speaking of Mr. Snow, one of the saddest things about this story is that Mr. Snow has two small children.  Barry Bonds, the former Giants superstar and current convict, has put up the money to send the two children to college. [MSNBC]


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