Boehner Bumps the RP Off CNBC

Oh, well.

House Republicans, fearing the tongue-lashing they were about to receive from the RP on CNBC’s “Kudlow and Company” agreed to the payroll tax cut, prompting CNBC to shift programming and cancel his appearance tonight.

So, if you know any TV producers out there, please recommend the RP as their good-luck charm.

Maybe if he knew that the RP was about to appear on Al Jazeera, Bashar Assad will finally step down in Syria…

Maybe if they knew that the RP was headed for Sportscenter, the Duke Blue Devils would just call it a season and cede the NCAA Championship to the Kentucky Wildcats…

Maybe if they knew that the RP was joining Ryan Seacrest on E! News, the Kardashians would just go away…


We still need your help building the No Labels army to “Make Congress Work.”

For a primer on “Make Congress Work,” click here to read the RP’s column today up at The Huffington Post.

Click here to read how “Make Congress Work” has impressed nationally-respected political columnist Ezra Klein.

And most importantly, click here to read the full “Make Congress Work” plan and to GET INVOLVED.


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