John Y’s Musings from the Middle: The Difference Between Liberals & Conservatives

The difference between liberals and conservatives….

My son found out recently that Sony Bono was a Republican member of Congress and wanted to to know more about him and his prior career.

I’m showing him the clip at the bottom of this post which I think demonstrates beautifully the core distinction between conservatives and liberals—a national obsession that, to me, seems blown out of proportion and even arbitrary.

Basically, if you boil down all the differences between to the two political types, liberals are slightly superior in the areas of fashion sense and rhythm (see Cher).

Conservatives, by contrast, are slightly more task oriented and better at getting elected to Congress. (See Sonny).

That’s really about it.

Oh, and liberals and conservatives tend to marry each other.

And when the try, can even make a pretty catchy duet.


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