John Y’s Musings from the Middle: Happy Thanksgiving!

The holidays are here.

Starbucks has changed its decor and colors and will be setting the tone for all all retailers during the holiday season.

Tomorrow I’ll be there early to see if they will be offering a Thanksgiving special: Turkey Flavored Latte with a gravy drizzle and cinnamon sprinkles.

Then I’m going to Heine Bros for my Thursday cup of coffee. ; )





Thank goodness.

A little perspective is always helpful when seeking to muster much needed –and much warranted —gratitude. For official national holidays involving giving thanks or just any old day for expressing a blessed sentiment.

And if you can put it to music, even better. Especially if it’s Steely Dan.

No matter what our complaints are about the world today–and tomorrow, Black Friday 2012—it is important to remember this.Black Friday 2012 for our country will be a very different experience for us than the original–and infamous– Black Fridays.
And I am grateful today for that.


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