The RP’s Weekly Web Gems: The Politics of Tech

The Politics of Tech

Al Franken (D-MN) has taken the initiate in regards to companies collecting information on consumers. He has introduced a bill that aims to “close current loopholes in federal law to ensure that consumers know what location information is being collected about them and allow them to decide if they want to share it.” [ars technica]

One of the most promising contenders for the best artificial heart yet made. It produces no heartbeat, no pulse, and a flat EKG, but it works. One of the inventors, Dr. Billy Cohn, described the futile efforts of early inventors trying to make flying machines that resembled nature: bats, butterflies, etc. as an analogy of their thought process. The author said it best “…what works in nature is often not the only mechanical solution, or even the best one.” [NPR]

ICANN, one of the governing bodies for the Internet, is all set to officially expand the use of domain names. As long as you can pay $185,000 to license the domain name and prove your connection to it, you can have your own. What is $185,000 to Apple or Sony? Not much. [Reuters]

Wow. The Bento Box. Hands down, one of the best designs I have seen. In terms of function it is something completely new and innovative. [Yanko Design]


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