UPDATE on The RP’s Anti-Semitism in the Bible Belt Piece

Today has proven to be one of the most trafficked days in The Recovering Politician‘s short history.  The RP’s piece in The Huffington Post“Choose Another People! Anti-Semitic Taunts Will Backfire in the Bible Belt” — has generated considerable attention both in Kentucky and nationally.

Within the past hour, the National Jewish Democratic Council weighed in on the controversy:

Former Kentucky Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Forgy inappropriately injected anti-Semitic language into the Kentucky gubernatorial race on behalf of current Republican candidate David Williams. Williams is challenging current Governor Steve Beshear and his running mate, former Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson, is Jewish…

Forgy’s comment is deeply troubling and has absolutely no place in our political discourse. His statement should be condemned by all who believe that candidates should refrain from using religious innuendo, especially anti-Semitic canards.

Click here for the NJDC’s full statement.

On a brighter note, we welcome all of our new readers, and encourage both new and old to continue to give us your feedback.


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