Tomorrow at The Recovering Politician

Another wild, wild day here at The Recovering Politician.

A hearty welcome to all of our new readers from the Show Me State who heard about us from the AP’s story on Rod Jetton, and to all of our neighbors from the Great White North who watched the RP on CTV.

If you are one of the many Americans (or Canadians!) who are disappointed in the final budget deal — or furious that it took so long to be reached — be sure to click here to watch this video.  And stay until the last five minutes — I guarantee that Rod Jetton’s imitation of Jeff Smith and Jeff Smith’s imitation of Rod Jetton will give you a laugh.  Or three.

Tomorrow, we lead off with contributing RP and former Congressman Artur Davis, who’s reviewed the final budget deal and will give us his thoughts on its merits, and the winners and the losers.

And as always, so much more.


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