Tomorrow at The Recovering Politician

Tomorrow morning, we lead off with a timely piece from a special new recovering politician.

She is a nationally renowned leader, a former Lt. Governor, and also happens to be the daughter of my father’s hero.  (If you don’t know who she is by this description, then you haven’t been reading all my posts: DO YOUR HOMEWORK!)

She is also the author of a thoughtful book on faith and politics.  So it is fitting that her inaugural piece for The Recovering Politician focuses on that very subject during a Holy Week for Jews and Christians, which conincides with one of the most significant budget battles in recent history.  Whatever your faith (or lack thereof), I think you will find this piece very thought-provoking.  So tune in tomorrow.

Also tomorrow, our Recovering Professor, Ronald J. Granieri, will bring his expertise in European history to bear by sharing his unique perspective on the Libyan conflict, with a focus on the relationship between the United States and its allies during this new era.  If you are tired of all of the partisan soundbites back-and-forth on this issue, I think you will find Ron’s analysis to be quite interesting.

So, see you bright and early for some spirited discussion on some critical issues.


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