The RP’s Kentucky Derby Picks – a Recap

Thanks for making Friday’s Kentucky Derby posting the most popular non-Jeff Smith piece in the history of The Recovering Politician!

In the spirit of “You get what you pay for,” out of the 20 RP contributors who offered their handicapping skills…and among the 13 different horses predicted by these same contributors…and including the more than a dozen commentors here at the RP and on the RP’s Facebook pagenot a single person correctly picked Animal Kingdom to win the Run for the Roses.

Bad news:  I lost my shirt at the Derby. (It only cost $5.)  Good news:  I don’t have to buy anybody any mint julep mix for winning our prediction contest!

I know one person who actually picked the winner.  And on Thursday, we will feature her as brand new Friend of RP.  Of course, she’s a month shy of 15 years old. You will have to stay tuned to read her wisdom.

Until then, if you want some good laughs, re-read our KY Derby post.  And stay to the very end to read the prediction of the winner of a box of chocolate bourbon balls for the funniest one-liner. 

Written by Jeff Smith, of course.


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