The RP’s European Vacation in T-Shirts

Greetings from my third favorite city in the world (behind Lexington & Jerusalem — sorry Vegas!): Florence, Italy.

The weather is perfect, the food extraordinary, the art sublime.  Only trouble is that the RPettes and I are going to try to watch THE GAME at 3 AM while Mrs. RP sleeps.

At least everyone over here is part of the Big Blue Nation.  I spotted the T-shirt to the left at Florence’s famous leather marketplace.  Didn’t know Audrey Hepburn was a Cats fan, but apparently she anticipated Marquis Teague’s three-point form decades before he was born.

We are sincerely hoping that tonight Sylvester finally catches Tweety bird — What’s a Jayhawk anyway? — as Thomas Robinson discovers that Anthony Davis owns the paint on both sides of the court. He’s not in Kansas anymore!! 

(I assume that joke’s being overused back home, but it’s getting big laughs here in Italy!  Or maybe they are laughing because they have no idea what I’m saying.)

Anyhoo, our trip got diverted a bit thanks to Delta and a little rain, and we got to spend the afternoon yesterday in Amsterdam.  Being a huge proponent of municipal infrastructure improvement, I decided to take a tour of the so-called “Red Light District.”

Well, it seems there was a little misunderstanding. Let me put it this way — I didn’t take any pictures.  The T-shirt at right is the best PG-rated presentation of the scenery in the Red Light District.

To recover from the shock and awe, I decided to take a detour into a “coffee shop.”  Turns out they didn’t serve coffee, and the place was hazy and smelled like a Jimmy Buffett concert.  The good news is that after spending a few minutes in the place, all of my cares disappeared, and I became relaxed and happy; although for some strange reason I was (Terrence) Jones-ing for a bag of Cheetos.

Apparently, I’m very popular in Amsterdam as well.  Whenever I introduced myself, people asked if I was the same Jonathan Miller who wrote an article in The Huffington Post advocating for the legalization of marijuana.

OK, back to my vacation…I promise to send another post(card) soon.


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