The RPs Debate Legalizing Marijuana: The RP Defends

The RP‘s Second Defense

[The RP’s Provocation; Jason Atkinson’s Rebuttal #1; The RP’s First Defense: Jason Atkinson’s First Response; Artur Davis’ Rebuttal #2]

I disagree with Artur’s balancing of the equities when it comes to marijuana legalization, but it certainly is a reasonable conclusion (one that I used to share), and there simply isn’t the data yet to demonstrate the relative health benefits versus the relative health risks.

That’s one reason that the California Medical Association had called for legalization, to provide the wider clinical analysis to once and for all determine whether marijuana use is more good than bad, or vice versa.

But the equally compelling reason that I support legalization is the impact on our system of corrections and criminal justice, and as a former federal prosecutor, Artur, I’d love to hear your perspective.

Much has been written about  our failure as a nation to win the “War on Drugs”; but it would seem logical that legalizing marijuana would reduce the burden in our way-over-crowded prisons, leaving them in place to segregate the truly violent criminals amongst us, and saving taxpayers untold millions.  Moreover, as was the case in Prohibition, creating a legal, domestic marijuana industry would completely undermine organized crime here in this country and the Mexican drug cartels, whose violence threatens the stability of our already fragile neighbor. (A full 60% of Mexican narco-trafficking is in marijuana.)
As a former prosecutor, wouldn’t you prefer that the courts and jails would be less clogged up by non-violent perpetrators of victimless crimes, so that you could concentrate your attention on the murderers, rapists, child molesters, and other truly abhorrent people in our society?


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