The RPs Debate Legalizing Marijuana: Jason Atkinson Responds

Jason Atkinson’s First Response

[The RP’s Provocation; Jason Atkinson’s Rebuttal #1; The RP’s First Defense]

Alright, pour me a white russian and level with me  Dude or your Dudeness, or uh, Duder, or El Duderino for whomever is not into the whole brevity thing.

The issue is should citizens smoke pot?  The answer is no.  It’s bad for you.  So are alcohol, potato chips and too much tv, but what we are talking about is a drug for pain relief.  Should pain drugs be made?  Yes, and I’m open to the herb being part of that mix if treated like a drug.

The criminal element will not evaporate because it’s legal.  Perfectly healthy people will not stop trying to get it because its legal.

Many states are trying to stop kids from using Meth.  One of the main ingredients of Meth is cold medication.  Making that medication hard to get, drastically put a dent into meth production, increasing the street cost, and frankly making it too expensive to be a recreational drug.

On the west coast, the cartels are now making and transporting Meth (see my early post).  Crime is crime.  If it’s legal for the hurting, the healthy will be jones’n for it.

As a public leader can I support a policy that I know will hurt people?  That’s a big question.  

I support increasing speed limits, don’t think government should be in the liquor and gambling business, and frankly believe helmet laws decrease the quantity of available organs to donate, but I digress.  I am the opposite of nanny-state, but on this issue  I see kids in their early 20’s, who have, with great ease, gamed the system to get a medical cards having their futures stolen from smoking marijuana.  I just can’t get there.  I do not believe the Government should endorse a gateway drug.

Now, before I tossed off the stump: to the make it  legal and tax it crowd: Remind me of the morality of the lottery again?



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