The RP: So What Am I, Chopped Liver?

In an otherwise excellent column on the national ramifications of next week’s Kentucky gubernatorial election, one of my favorite political journalists, Howard Fineman of The Huffington Post, writes:

And then there is the charm factor. [Governor Steve] Beshear is a good ol’ boy of the old school, the kind of guy you’d see at the lunch counter. [Running mate Jerry] Abramson — who would be the first Jew elected to statewide office in Kentucky — looks like a prosperous, well-barbered guy in the good seats at the ballgame, but he’s just as gregarious, and he’s traveling the state from Pikeville to Paducah to talk about the jobs he has managed to bring to the Louisville area.  (Emphais added)

So what am I, chopped liver?

Since I am the first Jewish political contributor to The Huffington Post, I am especially offended.

(H/t to Leah McCormick Adkins, the winning Campaign Manager for Miller for Treasurer 1999)


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