The RP: It’s High Time to Legalize Hemp

In his column this week for The Huffington Post, the RP tackles an issue that’s familiar to the RP Nation: the legalization of hemp.

But he pairs his advocacy with a challenge to you, the reader:  Please get involved in this policy debate.

Especially if you live in Kentucky. 

Tomorrow afternoon and evening, please come to the Red Mile in Lexington to join the RP and a bi-partisan group of state officials and local business leaders who understand that legalizing hemp will be a no-risk boon to our state’s and our nation’s economy. 

You can also get more involved by  becoming a political science major and getting an elected official position to push these efforts forward!

Click on the graphic to the left for details.

And check out the RP’s article below:

Last week, I received a very warm reception from my hometown’s Tea Party organization.

Yes, you read that correctly…

My regular readers know that I am an unabashed, gay-marriage-embracing, pro-choice-supporting, clean-energy-promoting, immigration-reforming, economic-inequality-battling, church-and-state-separating LIBERAL.

And yet, I repeat (for my friends that may have fainted upon reading the first sentence of this essay), I was warmly welcomed and even embraced by our local lovers of liberty.

I wish I could credit my soaring oratory or my youthful charisma, but I simply can’t deny that I’m a better recovering politician than an active one.

The truth is that I spoke on a topic that knows no ideology, an issue that has broad bi-partisan support, and yet one that has met stiff political resistence from the powers that be:

The legalization of industrial hemp.

The subject of hemp, while discussed and debated for decades, unfortunately has been mostly seen as a cause célèbre of the political margins, either the “hippie” Far Left or the libertarian Far Right. But my recent experience with the issue reveals that public support for industrial hemp legalization—particularly within the agricultural community — is reaching a tipping point.

And it’s time for the business community to shoulder-pad-up and push legalized industrial hemp across the goal line.

Click here to read the full column, “It’s High Time to Legalize Hemp,” at The Huffington Post.


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