Next Week on The Recovering Politician

Wow…We warned you it would be a busy day here at The Recovering Politician.

In fact, it has already been the third most-trafficked day in the site’s history.  (Days 1 & 2 featured Jeff Smith’s introductory piece about his rise, prison time, and recovery.  Something in the water in Missouri?)

To all of the newest members of the RP Nation, welcome!

To everyone, we promise much more excitement and education, and even a few laughs along the way next week.

Monday, we lead off with Part 3 of Rod Jetton’s stunningly candid “Success, Scandal & Change,” in which he addresses the scandals that received so much publicity in Missouri, and how he has recovered stronger than ever.

The RP later will interview, via video Skype, Jetton and his unlikely friend and fellow contributing RP, Jeff Smith, about their unusual relationship, and how the two have emerged from their own troubles to dedicate their lives back to the public interest.  (We may have a surprise third guest as well if his schedule permits.)

And as mentioned earlier today, we will also launch a new feature next week:  The RP’s Budget Crisis Update — our intrepid new Washington, DC staffer, Patrick Derocher, will provide timely updates on the goings-on in the nation’s capital to address the debt ceiling crisis.

We will also mix in a few laughs — for those of you regulars who’ve been clamoring — the RP’s latest top five list will appear:  The Top Five Terrible TV Shows with Terrific Theme Songs.  See if you can guess what will emerge as #1.

(RP Nation newbies:  Here is a collection of the RP’s past comedy hits.)

All that and so much more.  Stay cool this weekend, and see you on Monday!


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