More Details on the “Gang of Six” Budget Plan

On Wednesday, the RP suggested that the budget proposal proposed by the Senate’s “Gang of Six,” was — while not perfect — the best opportunity for the country to escape the debt ceiling crisis with a sound plan to fix the nation’s structural economic problems.

He also encouraged you to contact your Congressman and advocate for a bipartisan solution such as the Gang of Six plan. (Click here to be heard.)

More details have emerged on the plan, and how it will slash the national debt by $3.7 trillion, through a combination of spending cuts and tax reform.

Click here for the latest, greatest summary of the proposal.

Beginning next week, The Recovering Politician will add a new feature: regular up-to-the-minute updates of the budget crisis.  Our intrepid new Washington, DC staffer, Patrick Derocher, will be providing summaries of the key developments as they occur.

So if you are interested in staying on top of the latest news, come back to The Recovering Politician early and often.

And if you agree with the RP that it is time to take action, click here and register your support for a bipartisan solution.


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