Josh Bowen’s New Book: “Twelve Steps to Fitness Freedom”

I am proud to announce the latest entry in the growing library of The Recovering Politician Books: Josh Bowen’s “Twelve Steps to Fitness Freedom.”  A longtime Friend of RP and contributor to The Recovering Politician, Josh was recently named by Life Fitness one of the top ten personal trainers to watch in the world.

While I have the opportunity to work out with him twice a week, you can now glean all of his wisdom in less than 200 pages.  If you are like me and have made a New Year’s resolution to get it better shape, there is no better way to fulfill it than to follow Josh’s advice.

Here is an excerpt from my Foreword.

Click here to review and purchase

Click here to review and purchase

I can imagine one of your first questions when reviewing this book jacket was: “What in the %$#&*$ is a ‘recovering politician’ doing publishing a book about fitness and physical well-being?”

Well, from a thematic standpoint, Josh Bowen’s ‘Twelve Steps To Fitness Freedom’ fits well into the mission of our Web site,  As our former politician contributors proceed on their own post-politics second acts, we aim to empower all of our readers to launch their own second acts, with the whole toolkit of good health, high quality of life, and overall happiness.  It’s no wonder, then, that Josh Bowen’s Thursday columns at our Web site are among the most viewed by our readership.

But from a more prosaic perspective, this particular recovering politician would have never made it into his second act if it were not for Josh Bowen.  When we first met about a decade ago, I had an upper back pain problem that nothing could resolve – I tried massage, reiki, energy healing, chiropractic treatment, acupuncture, you name it.  So when I walked in my local gym and met a buff, tattooed physical trainer, you can imagine that I was initially skeptical.  But after several months of strength training, Josh’s instruction was invaluable, and I have never since suffered that pain.

Fast-forward several years, and this middle-aged mess developed a new lower back disc issue.  But of course that wasn’t all; my 40s had been plagued with all of the typical issues of my age group: low energy, less stamina, and that infamous flat tire of belly fat.  A decade wiser, Josh prescribed a holistic program for me, including diet, supplements, and of course, his carefully monitored strength-training program.

joshThrough his wealth of experiences travelling the country training physical trainers, and his voracious reading of all of the latest scientific and physiological studies, Josh Bowen is as good as it gets in helping his clients reach their fitness, health and wellness goals.  I know I couldn’t have done it without him, and I expect that you will find invaluable advice in the pages that follow.

Josh Bowen’s careful instruction and deep personal concern for his clients has worked for me. And I bet this book will work for you as well.  So that’s why this recovering politician has published this important book.  Proudly.  Enjoy.


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