Johnny Poker Returns to Vegas, Part 2: The WSOP Begins. What Should I Wear?

WSOP Day 1I will be hitting the felt at Noon PDT for my first $1000 buy-in tournament in this year’s World Series of Poker.

I have a critical decision to make, and I desperately NEED YOUR HELP.

My wardrobe.

Do I go with my lucky outfit from Day 1 last year — Tel Aviv Macabees shirt, University of Kentucky ballcap (see picture?)

Or should I vary it up?

For uniforms, my choices include Jeremy Lin’s Harvard jersey, Darius Miller’s Pelicans jersey and a generic Red Sox jersey.

My ball cap selection includes a Joe Morgan commemorative Reds hat, IDF camouflage cap, and ball caps from Harvard and Miami University.

Note that I am saving my lucky Day 2 outfit — Joe Morgan Reds uniform, No Labels hat — for tomorrow’s vote.  And saving my University of Kentucky Anthony Davis uniform for a final table.

Please vote in comments below:


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