Isn’t It Ironic? Finally!

Isn't it ironicI’ve noted several times on these pages that while Alannis Morissette is one of my favorite songwriters (“You Oughtta Know” is one of the best breakup songs ever penned), her song “Ironic” is in my opinion the worst song of all time. 

Perhaps I am holding Alannis to a higher standard, but the main trouble with “Ironic” is that she doesn’t understand the definition of the word “ironic.” 

Nothing that she terms “ironic” during the course of the song “Ironic” is “ironic.”  Rain on your wedding day is disappointing, it sucks, but it isn’t ironic.  A black fly in your chardonnay is gross, but not ironic.  And so on…

Fortunately, Rachael Hurwitz has come along to correct the record. 

And while the vocal quality and production value don’t match up to the original version, her grammar is excellent.  And the video is pretty funny:  (h/t Jill Smith Muth)


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