Electoral College Contest: Win Two Tix to UK Basketball Season Opener

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OK, RP Nation:  Here is your opportunity to win 2 FREE lower-arena tickets to the defending national champion University of Kentucky Wildcat men’s basketball team’s official home opener at Lexington’s Rupp Arena, versus Lafayette University, on Friday, November 16 at 7:00 PM.

(Note to the uninitiated: This prize is a big deal.  If you do not understand how big a deal this is, read Why Kentucky Basketball Matters.)

The award will be presented to the winner of our Electoral College contest — the individual who most accurately predicts the final Electoral College vote, with tiebreakers and stipulations listed below.

To win this prize, you must abide by the following instructions — which will be interpreted literally by the contest judge, me:

The 2008 Electoral College Map

1.  Go to The Recovering Politician‘s new RP Facebook Page, Facebook.com/RecoveringPol, If you haven’t already, “Like” the page.  No likey — no win.

2. Make your predictions in the Comments section of the “Official Contest Post” at the new RP Facebook Page, which is labeled very clearly as such.  Entries sent in by email or posted elsewhere will be disqualified.

3.  Only one entry per person. If you have more than one entry, only the most recent one will qualify.

4. Comments must be entered by 6:00 AM EST on Tuesday, November 6.  Entries made later will be disqualified.

5.  Your entry into the comments section of the Official Contest Post shall include:

  • Your prediction of the 2012 Electoral College tally.  I.e., Obama 269, Romney 269
  • First tiebreaker: Your prediction of the partisan composition of the Senate for the next session of Congress.  I.e., 50 Democrats, 48 Republicans, 2 Independents.
  • Second tiebreaker:  Your prediction of the partisan composition of the House for the next session of Congress.  I.e. 230 Republicans, 205 Democrats.

6.  Because recounts are very likely, particularly in Congressional races, to calculate the winners, I will use the vote tallies that are listed in the print edition of Thursday morning, November 8 New York Times.  While these tallies will undoubtedly be incomplete for many races, and winners will not be declared in several campaigns, whoever is leading as of the Thursday morning tally will be the winner for the purposes of determine our champion.

7.  The winner will be awarded my two awesome lower arena tickets (Section 23, Row RR) for the University of Kentucky’s home opener against Lafayette University on Friday, November 16 at 7:00 PM.  The winner will make arrangements with me to pick up the tickets or have them placed in will call. Transportation or any incidental costs associated with attending the UK game must be assumed by the winner of the contest.  And I ain’t paying for your dinner.

8. I retain the right to make all eligibility decisions and winner calculations, as well as the right to withhold the prize from any obnoxious Duke Blue Devil fan.


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