Tim Hamm: A Closing Argument for Obama

Quite simply, one has to ask before pulling the lever: Do I want this man to be president?

Do I want my candidate to win, or simply the other man to lose?

I know when I voted for the president’s re-election that I would be getting a return to fair taxation, a continued drawdown of foreign wars, the rights of women respected fully, and a continuation of a recovery program that has taken us from hemorrhaging 700000 jobs a month to gaining thousands more.

Still, the right has vilified this man from jump street.  Their stated top priority on his election day was not to help the country right itself after the failure of their rule, but to defeat the president.  For four years they have stood in the way of growth for their own political ends.  They have blocked every measure they could that would improve the economy and to top it off, they are now running a candidate without a single firm position other than, “I’m not the guy your radio tells you to hate.”

Will you reward them?

Will you elect a man who has presented no ideas?

Will you hand power back to those who have so recently and so fully abused it?


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