EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT: Lauren Hudson & Robert D. Hudson, “Our Best Tomorrow”

The Recovering Politician is proud to publish an EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT from an exciting and educational book written by Friend of RP Robert D. Hudson and his daughter Lauren Hudson, “Our Best Tomorrow: Students Teaching Capitalism to America.” Enjoy!


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“Well, I was thinking that maybe we could make our software faster and more efficient by re-engineering…” Oh! Finally, you’re here. My name is Jacob but people call me Jake. “Okay guys, staff meeting dismissed. Go back to your daily business of coming up with the best ideas in the world!’’ I’m delighted you could at last come and enjoy the wonders my company has created for computers, gaming systems and smart phones.

How much money do I make? Well now, that is a difficult question to answer. Considering I designed the first software for my company, Kinetic Software, I usually do make a bit more than my workers here, but mainly, it depends on how many copies of the software we sell. Some years we do well and some years we don’t. If we don’t do well, I might not make anything!

How did I create this groundbreaking software? Well, when I was growing up, I was always interested in the way things worked. One of my earliest memories was sitting on the kitchen floor with an old phone and attempting to take it apart while my mother cooked me lunch.

My father would come home from his work as a dentist and watch me bang the phone on the floor and study it carefully. Pretty soon I figured out how to take it apart and put it back together. I can remember how excited I had been. I ran around screaming about my accomplishment.

“I got it! I got it, Mommy! I got it, Daddy! I got it, Sissy!’’ I yelled. My father walked over to me from the other room, scooped me up in his arms and swung me around. He had the broadest smile on his face, as if I had just won Olympic gold.

As I got older, I became interested in science fiction and how the world would work someday. I imagined computers and cell phones and space travel to other planets. I recall my sister, Annabeth, who was about 13, watching TV one day, when I came in, turned the TV off, and told her my latest idea. She called me a twerp, but I didn’t care.

“Go bother something else! Don’t touch the TV anymore, Jake!’’ she said in exasperation. With my head hanging low, I walked into my dad’s study. He had one of Apple’s first computers. When I saw that computer sitting on the dark mahogany desk, I knew what my next project would be. Little did I know that the project of trying to learn how this computer worked would lead to the some of the biggest accomplishments of my life.

It was only a matter of time before I had moved on to developing software to do my part to help change the world! You see, I love what I do, and I live in a country which gives me the freedom to do it. Yes, I work hard, but can you believe I get to make money doing something I love? All you need is passion and freedom – mix a little talent and hard work in there and you’ll have something special!

Capitalism Pointer – America’s Jobs Come From Capitalism

Adelaide’s family came to America to do better through work and the jobs this country had to offer. Jobs come from capitalism. In America, our poorest children have become wealthy adults. Families with no history of higher education have produced doctors and lawyers.

Adelaide and Isabella came from modest beginnings but, as you can see, they’ve done pretty well. Throughout history, this has rarely happened in other countries as often as it has in America. It’s fairly common in America!

Our country’s founders imagined an America with no barriers and no limits on success. Capitalism, with freedom, made it that way. As you read the stories of Adelaide, Isabella, and Jake in this book you’ll learn about childhood friends who grow up together.

They will strive to achieve greatness in business and capitalism, helping countless people along the way. Our country has tens of thousands of leaders who are a lot like them. Learning about how our heroes grew up and how they got there will tell us a lot about America and capitalism.

They Said It Long Ago….

Capitalism Helps People – “There is no other way discovered of improving ordinary lives that can get close to the productive activities unleashed by the free-enterprise system.”

Economist Milton Friedman (paraphrased)


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