Dan Creinin: A Closing Argument for Obama

While our current POTUS has not come through with many of the campaign promises that he made in the 2008 election, I get the sense that he takes responsibilities for these missed goals, and will continue to work toward moving the country forward.

When I listen to Mitt Romney, and look at the amount of pivoting that he has done, I feel he speaks with a forked tongue.  I think that he is a strong business leader, but, I don’t think that he has the majority of this country in mind.  I don’t feel like he can truly connect with the middle, wherever the middle is.

It’s not one thing, but a summary of things.  Everyone makes a bad comment, or has a bad day, but, with Mitt, in looking at this statements, he seems to be contradicting himself throughout the entire nomination and election process.

I don’t feel like he can be trusted with running this country.


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