Saul Kaplan: Welcome to #BIF9

bif9-live-square#BIF9 carries a sense of homecoming, a reunion of sorts. The kind where all the crazy aunts and uncles gather, regaling us with tales of adventure and awe. Perhaps the family reunion metaphor is accurate; I believe that innovators are cut from the same DNA. We are insatiable optimists and see opportunity in everything.

We are curious about everything. We know that learning together is the best way to get better faster. We believe in transformation and disruption – both personally and across our industries. We are all storytellers, knowing that stories connect and unite us, and enable us to transform together.

Each year, when I look towards the Summit – this is the promise I see. 400+ innovation junkies, who share this DNA, reuniting. 32 fabulous storytellers will jumpstart your heart and mind, pushing your thinking to the edge. But their stories are just the beginning. Their stories catalyze your conversations and collaborations. I see this happening time and time again from the stage, from the audience, and in the hallways of the Trinity Repertory Company. It is always awe inspiring and overwhelming.

photo-saulThis is what makes #BIF9 special. We don’t need more meetings of the usual suspects; we need the ability to think and act in new ways, laterally across silos and disciplines. The world doesn’t need incremental progress; it needs wholly new possibilities born from disruptive, creative people working together in entirely new ways.

This is our promise, catalyzed every year at the Summit. #BIF9 is really your platform – to plug in with your fellow disrupters. Your conversations and collisions will mold it and shape it. We trust this implicitly. We merely create the conditions for something beautiful and purposeful to emerge. The rest is up to you.

Welcome to the family.


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