RPTV’s Great Debates: Kristen Soltis & Lisa Borders

Our second installment of RPTV’s Great Debates features a regular here at The Recovering Politician, former Atlanta Deputy Mayor and contributing RP Lisa Borders debating our newest team member, GOP pollster, rising political star and Friend of RP Kristen Soltis.

The two debate the debt debacle, discuss this week’s controversial Newsweek cover featuring Michele Bachmann (click here to view), and pontificate on the RP’s choice of romantic movies (click here to understand what they are talking about), and their respective music careers.

Speaking of music, below the debate video you can find links to the No Labels theme song that Lisa co-wrote with the rap star Akon, as well as the music video of “The Frustrations,” featuring Kristen on lead vocals.

(Oh, and by the way, since the RPettes weren’t around to help the RP figure out how to Skype properly, there’s no video of Lisa, only her disassembled voice. This is not a Newsweekian attempt to demean a powerful female leader, just simple incompetence on the RP’s part. We have provided a picture of Lisa below to allow you to pretend that you can watch her on the video.)



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