John Y’s Musings from the Middle: Working

Working, working, working.

Almost there , almost there.

But forgetting “there” is only an idea and not a location—it is only a guidepost and figment of our imagination that keeps us moving.

What if we woke up this morning and instead of “closer” to our dreams, we had “arrived”?


jyb_musingsI would go back to bed

Which is why, I suppose, our reach should always exceed our grasp. But not by too much.

As long as we are living, we are merely “in transit” —at times forward; at times backwards; and often just sideways or adrift. And at other times we simply standstill

In this journey oflife we “arrive” not at a final destination –but the moment we realize that life is an endless journey –with maps, and GPS-es and Sherpas and guideposts
But no guarantees.

And, as the sign in the mall says, “You are here” –now.

But not for long.

And we try, for today, not to run in place or swim against the tide

But hopefully to float toward our destiny –which we know when we are doing because it feels like flying.


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