John Y’s Musings from the Middle: Too Young to be Old

jyb_musingsIf you feel too old to be young, chances are you are really just too young to be old.


If you think you are too old, past your prime, don’t have it “goin’ on” anymore….puleeez!

Don’t waste our time telling us it can’t be done because your age or can’t try now because, “What will people think?” We know what they’ll think.

The same thing you’ll think if you wait another five years, “Why didn’t I do this 5 years ago?!!”

Want proof your are cheating yourself and others with stories of being on the wrong side of the aging pendulum?

Watch Steve Winwood (the rock star) singing his classic “Dear Mr Fantasy” in “his prime” in 1972.

And then watch Steve Winwood (now the master) singing his classic “Dear Mr Fantasy” 35 years later, “in his prime.”

Someone, I’m sure, told Steve Winwood he was too old for this more recent concert…But he told them, I’m guessing, something like…. “Nah. You can’t be too old if you still haven’t peaked!. Come see me again in 30 years and we’ll talk then. I’ll get you back stage passes.”


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