John Y’s Musings from the Middle: Thinking our way into being articulate

When I am trying to express myself but can’t find the words I need it usually isn’t because there aren’t enough words to go with my thought. But rather because I don’t have enough of a thought developed for any words to attach to.

Being articulate, it seems to me, isn’t so much about knowing lots of words as it is about thinking clearer thoughts. And then the words will fall into place….rather than forcing words around an incomplete idea until it sounds like you understand something you really don’t.


Thomas the Teenage Engine

I miss Thomas the Engine. Not personally. But as a parent.

I wish there were a Thomas the Engine for teenagers to help parents teach teens important life lessons.

jyb_musingsJust not sure how to make an animated series about locomotives teen-friendly.


I feel a lot… like
A spinning top
Before it hops
And starts to flop
Careening to its final stop.


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