John Y’s Musings from the Middle: Petty Resentments

This absurdity of holding on to petty resentments.

True story.

Last night–and I don’t remember the details—but I had a dream in which a tall gentlemen I seemed to respect but didn’t know well and who was wearing a yellow-ish jacket passed me by on the street and intentionally brushed up against me in that way that seemed to say he was upset with me or sending me a message of disrespect.

That’s all I remember from the dream. The rest of whatever happened has been forgotten–which I think was mostly pleasant.

But twice today I’ve thought about the brush off passerby.
And I’ve decided the next time I have this dream and he shows up–assuming I can remember to do it—I am going to go out of my way to walk past him and brush up lightly against him (not in an offensive way that is trying to start a fight but rather just to let him know that what happened last night in my dream gets acknowledged, was not OK with me, and send the message that I hope it doesn’t happen again.)

On the other hand, I could just forgive him or assume it was an accident. In my dream. And let it go.

I want to let it go but this slight seems different and worth holding on to a little longer. Because, you know, it’s the principle of the thing. Right?

You know what I mean?


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