John Y’s Musings from the Middle: Diet Update

Entering week 7 of my diet/fitness plan.

Holding steady at loss of 13 lbs. Actually 12.6 lbs. But we round up here in KY.

Workout I would describe as like “Across Fit” –something you might find opposite a “Cross Fit” workout. But it is happening.

Finally, still no steroids or other PEDs. Although I am taking one Garcinia Cambogia tablet each day. But still don’t know how to pronounce it.


Diet tip for calorie counting.

Just knowing how many calories are in a serving of food is helpful but not enough to cause us to make the best dietary decisions.

I have found that multiplying the calories by a factor of 5 for foods I want to eat, and dividing calories by a factor of 5 in healthy foods I don’t want to eat, makes it more likely I will make better choices than just knowing the actual calories.

For example, a single pecan braid from Panera Bread has, according to my system, 2,350 calories (instead of 470)

And a serving of has just 6.2 calories (instead of 31)

So, do I eat the food choice with 2350 calories or 6.2 calories?

See how that works? Now it isn’t so obvious that the pecan braid is the better choice–and could really go either way.


How to eat your way to good health –without changing what you eat.

Just leaving Japanese restaurant and have decided the Japanese, as a population, are thinner and healthier than Americans NOT because of their diet (fish, rice, etc) but rather because they have to try to eat with chopsticks instead of a fork, spoon and knife.

jyb_musingsIf I had to eat with chopsticks my whole life, I’d be at least 50 pounds lighter. You just plain old give up before you are halfway through any meal.

Chopsticks, not diet, is the key!!


An ad I would like to see…

“Want to get in shape?

It’s really not all about the shoes.”


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