John Y’s Musings from the Middle: Costco & Theological Inisghts

Costco and Theological Insights.

As I walked in Costco today I had a serene feeling overtake me. It was bustling with pleasant people and had almost everything imaginable to choose from and at bulk rate pricing.

In some weird way it got me thinking about Heaven.

No, not about shopping in heaven but something more metaphysical and deeper; namely; I wondered if Heaven isn’t more open and accessible to the than many imagine. I always expected it would be….and still hold out hope it will be.

There’s something about the feeling of being in Costco that I just like. Very different than shopping at a over-priced formal place like, say, Tiffany’s, which I dislike and have only been to once or twice.

A lot of Christian spokespeople talk about Heaven more like it’s in the mold of a Tiffany’s than a Costco. I disagree with them. I think God is more forgiving and gracious than that. I can’t really explain why I think this. I just always have. I have never been able to imagine God as being petty and punitive as his primary raison d’être or “reason for being.” Though some of his loudest publicists would have you believe otherwise.

And I don’t believe that God has broadened the entry barrier to Heaven (as Costco has to shoppers) in response to market pressures. I think it’s always been that way. God was way ahead of the market on this one.

I left Costco today without buying a single thing but felt spiritually uplifted and grateful for a loving God that is as comfortable hanging out in the corners of Costco as the greeting lobby at Tiffany’s.

Full Disclosure: I did become a Costco “Executive Member” to cover my bases in case Heaven is somewhere between Costco and Tiffany’s.


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